БО Антитіла


  • Soon. The premiere of “Bakhmut Fortress”

    It's not a sin to be afraid It is a sin to betray my owns! Soon. The premiere of "Bakhmut Fortress"[...]
  • For the First Time – ANTYTILA in Israel

    Once, it was exactly Tel Aviv where we shot one of our first music videos. Exactly Israeli instructors were those we received important knowledge about paramedical aid from, and exactly the best Israeli bandages saved and go on saving our sworn brothers' lives on the frontline.[...]
  • The ANTYTILA Band’s Tour Abroad Is Going On. The Next City of the European Tour Is Paris

    France is going to become one of the European countries about to see the ANTYTILA band’s performance in one of the most marvelous concert halls of Paris – Cabaret Sauvage, in the very center of Parc de la Villette by the canal de l'Ourcq.[...]
  • The ANTYTILA Band Continue Their Tour Abroad. The Following Countries Are Czech Republic And Germany

    One of the most well-known Ukrainian pop-rock bands ANTYTILA are to give their first few gigs in Europe - Czech Republic and Germany in March 2023. The musicians bring their best songs and the seventh studio album MLNL - the Ukrainians’ favorite songs having become the symbol of faith and hope for the Victory - as well as quality sound and light.[...]
  • The ANTYTILA Band Are About to Set Off on Tour to the North America in 2023

    One of the most well-known Ukrainian pop-rock bands ANTYTILA are to give a few gigs in the USA and Canada in September and October 2023.[...]
  • The ANTYTILA Rock Band Are to Give Their First Gig Abroad in 2023 in London

    One of the most well-known Ukrainian pop-rock bands ANTYTILA are to give their first gig abroad in 2023 in London, February 26.[...]
  • ANTYTILA Postpone the Gigs in Poland

    The war, which we seemingly adapted and got used to, however strange it would sound, is getting new and more violent forms. The occupants have committed a massive missile attack at the whole territory of Ukraine.[...]
  • ANTYTILA Set off for the First Part of the European Tour

    We’re setting off for the first part of the European tour «Stand by UA». The first country is Poland. The special guest of our gigs is the CHEMIA band.[...]
  • ANTYTILA and Ed Sheeran Performed 2Step Together in Warsaw

    Finally we met and sang together 2Step. We haven’t performed for months. Warsaw, 80 000 people, live performance and our Ukrainian flag![...]
  • Meet the Antytila Charity Foundation

    Since 2014, our volunteer team, thanks to friends, caring citizens and Ukrainians from all over the world, has collected, purchased, delivered, handed over to the front military and humanitarian equipment worth more than 30 million hryvnias.[...]
  • BBC Documentary about ANTYTILA Is out Now

    Almost six months ago thousands of Ukrainian civilians joined the military to fight invading Russian forces.[...]
  • Premiere!

    The English version of the song Hello was created at the same time with Ukrainian. It was created with our foreign friends and colleagues Piotr “Dziki” Hancewicz, Łukasz Rychlicki, Grzegorz Stech, Oles Kalmuk. And in the beginning the main idea was about planet Earth.[...]
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