2021-22 TOUR


ANTYTILA finish the story of the album Hello and are getting ready for the new musical stage. SEE THE GIG SCHEDULE AND LINKS FOR THE TICKETS BELOW!!!

We’ve got a couple of important messages for our fans.
The Cabinet of Ministers have prolongated the emergency situation regimen because of the coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine until June 30. The whole regions in Ukraine are still in the red zone and within the state of total or partial lockdown.
During the period when COVID-19 has put all of us into quarantine we have a full understanding that massive gigs at big venues and stadiums will promote the spread of coronavirus. Because these are thousands of people gathered together at the same place and at the same time. 
Adults, kids, elderly people.
We don’t want this.
Having assessed all the risks we have made a decision to POSTPONE ALL STADIUM GIGS to the year 2022. 
This means that the Hello show is going to transform into a more massive project which we are starting to prepare and implement already now.
We still guarantee the best light show and worldclass sound, and we are looking forward to our meeting in NON-QUARANTINE 2022. 
Currently the matter of health and safety of the Ukrainians is our number one concern.
But we have good news too! 
The gigs planned in smaller region and administrative centers’ venues are going to take place this year as soon as the situation lets us do that.
With social distancing, 50% of the seats and all the quarantine limitations.
We are going to give a part of the gigs in summer, and the other one – in autumn.

ANTYTILA are bringing the album Hello live including the songs having been loved by the whole state: «Вірила» (‘Viryla’ / ‘You to believe’), «TDME», «Лови момент» (‘Lovy moment’ / ‘Seize the moment’), «Буде син» (‘Bude syn” / ‘Gonna have a son’). The song «Кіно» (‘Kino’ / ‘Movie’) is going to be sung at the gigs, as well as the favourite ones from the previous albums: «Танцюй» (‘Tantsiui’ / ‘Dance’), «Все красиво» (‘Vse krasyvo’ / ‘Everything’s lovely’), «БудуВуду» (‘Buduvudu’), «Люди, як кораблі» (‘Liudy yak korabli’ / ‘People like the ships’) and others.

The gig format remains unchanged by now: stadium stage adapted to each concert venue, enormous screens, light show and the best sound in Ukraine. 2 hours of quality live music, 50 % of the seats, 2 gigs a day following all quarantine limitations. All the tickets bought beforehand remain valid.

The pandemic has made adjustments in the band’s tour schedule, but ANTYTILA is one of the few artists renewing their gig activity.

«We continue the tour devoted to the album «Hello» and set off for its final part. Recall that the first gig took place at Lviv Arena in May, 2019, almost 2 years have passed, and the album «Hello» has been heard by the whole state, but there still remain the towns and cities we hadn’t reached. For example, in Dnipro our solo gig took place approximately 3 years ago, and we know that we are awaited there, we can’t leave out this city. And some fans have held their tickets for the gig for more than 1.5 years. These will be the last gigs in such format. In the final part of the tour we would like to cover as many towns and cities as possible so that no letter or call from our fans eager to see the Hello show live remained unnoticed. We already have new songs having lain at the studio. Also two artists are going to perform together with us at the stadiums. We have completed the contest «Hello Ukraine’s searching for the talents» and discovered new young musicians for us who are given an opportunity to perform together with us at the stadiums.
So, there will be gigs! Everyone’s gonna have ANTYTILA!», shares his thoughts the frontman of the ANTYTILA band Taras Topolia.

Recall that «Hello» is the eighth tour by the ANTYTILA band taking place in favor of the so named album. It began on May 25, 2019, from Lviv Arena (Lviv city). Sold-outs and eighty thousand of fans having sung together with the band at the stadiums and twice in the capital city’s Palace of Sports have inspired ANTYTILA to continue a successful tour. In winter and spring 2020, ANTYTILA visited more than 20 towns and cities of Ukraine and put the tour on pause in the Palace of Sports in Kharkiv because of the pandemic.

Take care of yourselves and your close ones.


27/05 – Yuzhnoukraiinsk

30/05 – Melitopol

31/05 – Mykolaiiv

05/06 – Kolomyia

06/06 – Chernivtsi

07/06 – Kalush

13/06 – Zhytomyr

22/06 – Kovel

1/10 – Sumy

2/10 – Shostka

3/10 – Kupiansk

4/10 – Dykanka

5/10 – Okhtyrka

6/10 – Romny

7/10 – Lokhvytsia

8/10 – Pyriatyn

9/10 – Smila

10/10 – Oster

11/10 – Kozelets

13/10 – Myrhorod

14/10 – Pavlohrad

15/10 – Sievierodonetsk

16/10 – Kremenchuk

17/10 – Zhovti vody

21/10 – Haivoron

22/10 – Kryvyi Rih

23/10 – Kropyvnytskyi

24/10 – Oleksandriia


14/05/2022 – Dnipro stadium 

21/05/2022 – Rivne stadium

28/05/2022 – Ternopil stadium

04/06/2022 – Ivano-Frankivsk stadium

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