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ANTYTILA and Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk have lived a lifetime in shot. A loud premiere from the ANTYTILA band. After a dancelike song «Маскарад» ('Masquerade') still ranked on the first lines in radio hit-parades and gaining millions of views on YouTube, ANTYTILA present a lyrical song. As usual, with a philosophical context.

ANTYTILA and Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk have lived a lifetime in shot. A loud premiere from the ANTYTILA band. After a dancelike song «Маскарад» (‘Masquerade’) still ranked on the first lines in radio hit-parades and gaining millions of views on YouTube, ANTYTILA present a lyrical song. As usual, with a philosophical context.

The song about the path of life and internal power to fulfil your dreams with a motivational name «Стань» (‘And You Start’).
The ANTYTILA band and one of the world’s strongest athletes – Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk – are in shot.

This time, the main part in the video has been performed by a sportswoman, multiple champion of Ukraine the champion of Europe, the awardee of the World Championship, a participant of the 2016 and 2021 Olympic Games – Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk.
«When we agreed upon the idea of the video, we started to look for the main female-character.
It happened like that, we decided it should be a girl. We’ve familiarized with all the sportswomen in the field of athletics, then we’ve even thought of female footballers, but when we saw Maryna, we understood, she was meant to be our character. We have read dozens of interviews, watched the recordings of sporting competitions, researches social media.
And you know what, we haven’t been out of pocket. Maryna has made it wonderful. She came to the shooting location from another competition in Austria, fitting her tight schedule», tells the producer of the band Serhii Vusyk.

«Maryna is the essence of beauty, amazing strength and persistency. Notably, she is very easy to communicate with and extroverted.
And, to our mind, she looks amazing in shot.
You can make sure of it yourselves if you watch the video. What is more, we were surprised with the way how they support one another with her husband Mykhailo, an awardee of the Olympics, the champion of Europe in swimming, and the world record-holder. It’s possible to feel love between them, both of them have overcome a tough way to success and are aware of the price of the victories», tells Taras Topolia.

«When the manager of the ANTYTILA band Serhii Vusyk called me and offered to take part in shooting of the video I doubted considerably at first. It was a complicated period after the Olympiad, my thoughts were filled with completely different things. But when I heard the idea, saw a shot breakdown for the video, and took my parents’ advice, I agreed. It was an absolutely new experience, I can even compare it to cine-shooting as in the end we have a mini-movie. Also my beloved person was present at the shooting area all the time which helped me a lot».

The shooting took place for 48 hours. Everything happened in Kyiv, in an athletic arena located at Berezniaky. ANTYTILA have fully modified a sports arena having applied thousands of square meters of black cloth used to cover the perimeter of the arena from sunlight. To get a desired view, a few tons of light equipment was hung and two trucks of filming equipment were brought.

Apart from Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk, the friends of the ANTYTILA band can be seen in the frame. There are real sportsmen among them – marathon runners from the KMRC club, IT specialists, lawyers, businessmen having one more favorite thing except their jobs – sport. For most of them this shooting is the first in their lives.

After having shot the video, it took 2 more months to work out the graphics undertaken by the best post-production team of the country “Headshot studio”.
Everything was to achieve the desired visual effect.

«The song was created more than a year ago, it was recorded at the studio quite long ago, but we needed some more time for video-realization of the idea underlying in this song. When writing the song we were inspired by the atmosphere of school prom nights when boys and girls confess their love to each other, swear to be friends for eternity, set goals, and believe in their dreams, when all this is sincere, with no falsehood.

Later the idea of the video emerged. The running tracks were appearing in thoughts displaying the road of life, a large space where every single person is running along their track to their goals. In the course of getting ready, we understood that we needed a massive view where it would be possible to depict the flow of life and people in it with their own desires, dreams, and «crosses that some of them carry on their shoulders». We’re sure, everyone will be able to recognize themselves or somebody from their surrounding in particular frames. The video has also got quite an unexpected ending: actually, the story of the video begins in its end. And if you drown into the video even more, you understand that it has neither the beginning nor the ending. And, as usual, there are some hidden secrets, Easter eggs, from ANTYTILA», tells Taras Topolia.

«Стань» (‘And You Start’) is the third song from the upcoming album, the premiere of which ANTYTILA have planned for the beginning of the year 2022. After releasing the album, ANTYTILA are going to set off to stadium tour being about to present an absolutely new show and a new album. The first gig has been planned for May 2022 in Dnipro city. The musicians have also finished the Hello tour successfully that was started as far ago as the year 2020.

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