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A month before the final gigs of the first part of the Hello tour which are going to take place in the Palace of Sports of the capital citythe ANTYTILA band have presented the new video. This time ANTYTILA have filmed the most romantic song – «Буде син» (‘Gonna Have a Son’ / ‘Bude syn’). It is the fifth track from the «Hello» album having received video support.

The song «Буде син» has become a record holder by the number of playbacks since the LP was released. On ANTYTILA’S YouTube channel it has got more than half a million of views. And the fans have named it «the main soundtrack to the first dance of the married, 2019». During six months ANTYTILA have received a great amount of videos where the married are dancing their first dance exactly to «Буде син». These home videos have inspired ANTYTILA for an idea to the official video being familiar to many people: birth of a new family, procreation, and, of course, cooperation in work and sincere cheerful emotions from the opportunity to be together.

The work «Буде син» is based on two real stories of the Topolia and Shneideris families. It’s the Shneideris family having given their family wine making property and vineyards to film the video. The shooting was taking place at Beikush vinery in Mykolaiv oblast. This was the place where father Yevhen has made up his hobby into the work of life, and made it familiar with his closest people – his beloved woman and his children. It was a small idea which realized into a big dream of a couple in love: a big happy family and a successful business. In the video, Taras Topolia together with his wife, a famous singer Alyosha and two sons, Roman and Mark, have played themselves, shown the story of their relationships, and lifted the veil of their private lives a bit. At the same time with the main plot, the documentary shots of Taras Topolia’s family appear which haven’t been demonstrated before: birth of the first child, the ANTYTILA lead singer’s wedding, narrative of how the sons were growing up, and the ways the married couple spends their free time. It’s worth mentioning that in the video «Буде син» Roman and Mark have had their debut as actors and done well. Before it was a rare thing to observe the whole Topolia celebrity family in media space. 

The members of the ANTYTILA band, Taras Topolia and Serhii Vusyk, have directed the video.

«The song «Буде син» is autobiographical in a way. Our closest relatives and friends know that these were exactly the Carpathians, along with nature, where our relationships with Olena were being born, and, namely, we have almost completed the plan being sung about in the song. We’ve got two sons, and it’s just about the girl we’ll be happy to have, of course. Why is it a story with vineyards? Because we have a good tradition with my wife to sit together with a glass of good dry wine and talk about everything. When I saw these wonderful vineyards, this location, and found out the story of the family growing these grapes, I proposed the ANTYTILA crew to drive there and shoot a good, warm family video of how the whole family is working on their household to create something together. The story has succeeded. The video appeared to result the way we had planned it, and, of course, it didn’t go without true shots from our family archive which make a big deal in this video, too. We have decided to film our children and share family video, because, I’ll say it again, the song is greatly autobiographical. It was easy to work with my sons. They behaved well, supported us, and almost weren’t naughty» – shared his thoughts Taras Topolia.

We remind you that the ANTYTILA band have announced their additional gig in the Palace of Sports of the capital city. The song «Буде син» (‘Gonna Have a Son’ / ‘Bude syn’) along with the other songs from the new album «Hello» and the most powerful hits for 10 years the ANTYTILA band is going to perform two days running.

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