The «Hello» album has been fully produced by the ANTYTILA band. The mastering having been made especially for the vinyl was what the band traditionally prepared very carefully in the Bobina Records studio led by Dmytro Khomulko.
The LP has been edited in Italy at the special request. True appraisers gonna evaluate ultrawhite colour of the LP and its weight of 180 g. This was the weight the band preferred, 'cause it's the category of «heavy vinyl», and it is the most steady to damage. The cover of the album has a gatefold format, or which is also called, unfolded envelope. Having unfolded it, the listener can feel the atmosphere of the ANTYTILA's stadium gigs. The thing is, the album was initially written for live performance in front of dozens of thousands of people open-air. The Hello album on vinyl have been released with an edition of only 250 copies, that is why those who are eager to become its owner have to hurry up. 

«I could have said that it's been my childish dream to release an LP, but it hasn't been like that. I'm not gonna be cunning. We've decided to release the «Hello» album in such format, because the vinyl's coming back, and it's interesting today for lots of collectors as well as our fans having asked us to release an album exactly in such format not a single time», commented Taras Topolia.

Vinyl is a logical sequence of a massive «Hello» story from the ANTYTILA band. Hello is the sixth CD in the band's discography. It consists of 10 tracks, most of which have already become people's hits. The album was presented on April 14, 2019. These days, the tour in support of it is going on. It started in May 2019, and gathered 80 thousand of fans at the stadiums and in two Palaces of Sports in the capital city. This year, the tour is going to cover more than 50 cities and towns of Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, the USA and Canada.
And the gigs are going to take place in different venues: from the halls of thousand spectators to stadiums.

It's already possible to be bought at our gigs and from the official fanshop on Instagram.

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