On November 16 and 17, the ANTYTILA band have played two sold out gigs in the Kyiv Palace of Sports within the stadium tour HELLO. Taras Topolia and his team sang their most popular songs together with the audience of many thousands. Those were two days of a real Ukrainian music celebration. The main thing is that ANTYTILA have announced the resumption of their tour – beginning from February 14, 2020, the band is going to cover about 45 cities and towns: from theatres to stadiums, from regional towns to cities of millions of citizens. The gigs are planned notonly in Ukraine, but also in Poland and Czech Republic.

When a real man's word is the law!

Punctuality is an incredibly rare thing for Ukrainian show business as spectators of large concert venues are not often amused with the gig beginning on time, that's why everyone was agreeably surprised when exactly at 7 p.m. the lights went off, and celebrity guests stepped onto the stage with loud applause.

On November 16, Taras invited a Polish rock band CHEMIA to rock up the audience. The day before the gig in Kyiv they have released a song in Ukrainian “Будь собою” (‘Bud soboiu’ / ‘Be yourself’) which was to take the audience by storm.

On November 17, it was MELOVIN who rocked the hot young blood in the Palace of Sports.

Those were documentary home videos on the screens which helped plunge into chronology of the ANTYTILA band’s rise, and made everyone look back nostalgically at their 2008.

It was important for the members of the band to get their way to popularity full of happy and crisis moments across to their fans.

As you look around the hall, you have a subconscious thought: who are they dancing, jumping, and singing to every hit? Mostly, they’re young boys and girls burning with Ukrainian, and it’s important for them to «seize the moment».

Taras’s joy and pride for two full Palaces of Sports have cheered the hall up to maximum.

The invited Choir of young males under the municipal academic male chapel named by L. Revutskyi has become a surprise for everyone. The joint performance of TDME has moved a thousand’s audience to tears.

Every song from the album HELLO is about important things, each of them has a unique background and makes a listener plunge into philosophic thinking of life dancing meanwhile.

The main thing is to be yourself and and have steel inside you! A sincere talk on thick steel, pretty girls, bearing the new life, and how important it is to have trustworthy and loyal partnets by your side – it seems that Taras hasn’t ignored any topic bothering a real Ukrainian talking from the stage.

In the Palace of Sports, patriots from different parts of Ukraine were singing for the peaceful sky which all of us are longing so much having been united by the love to true «nightingale’s» music.

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