A popular Ukrainian band ANTYTILA, who have surprised everyone with their choice of the start guest of their tour Hello, on Saturday, May, 25, presented the first live show in the tour, having gathered about 20 000 of fans at Lviv Arena.

The preparation for the stadium tour lasted for two years, as after the final gig of the previous tour "Сонце" ('Sontse' / 'The Sun') the musicians at once started to plan and soon actively implement this idea. Now it's possible to say confidently that they've managed to surprise their fans.

The ‘HELLO’ live show directed by ANTYTILA and Anna Oboyanska is the new format of the band’s gigs having surprised Lviv citizens with massive stage construction, sizes of screens, and number of lighting equipment. What remained unchanged were the songs, quality live sound, the musicians’ energy, and Taras Topolia’s sincere words from the stage.

The band’s fans have received a quality live-show with visual and graphic effects totally plunging into the atmosphere of the songs. Except this, the musicians have led a visual tour through the 10-year-old history of the band. Thanks to the technical partner of the tour, the PR Music Company, ANTYTILA were the first in Ukraine to have presented the most modern sound and light equipment holding the leader position in the world in its segment. 

The musicians have been giving joy to fans with their songs for about two hours and a half presenting the new album HELLO. Except the well known hits TDME, “Вірила” (‘Viryla’ / ‘You to believe’), “Лови момент” (‘Lovy moment’ / ‘Seize the moment’), and LEGO, the band have performed the other songs from the album as well as the hits from the previous ones.

“It is a historical event for us. These are loads of skin crawlings from the stadium choir when together with you, and often instead of you people sing the songs. It is an incredible recognition that for these dozens of thousands of people our music makes sense and has an important position in life. I saw a lot of families with their small children on the stands, I saw children and teens singing the lyrics of all songs. And another half of the gig both the fan zone and stands were madly dancing and jumping. Sometimes I was even worried about the safety”, noticed the band’s leader Taras Topolia.  

The musician has also told that the gig was at risk of failure because of the football match of the National team of Ukraine. 

“There was one detail that the gig at Lviv Arena itself was at risk of failure. We didn’t say anything about it, but somebody supposed that sport and football match on the new pitch cover of the stadium was more important than music. But, fortunately, we managed to fix everything and defend the gig, having though accepted the limits according the half of the stadium and minimizing the threats for the pitch cover and the upcoming match of the National team of Ukraine. Consequently, everything has happened, and we’ve made sure that ANTYTILA are more than just music for thousands of people”, shared his impressions Taras Topolia.


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