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«ANTYTILA – TDME» has entered TOP 3 most popular songs of Ukraine in 2018. «The Best «Rock Band» from “Золота жар-птиця” awards, «TDME» single in TOP-3 songs heard most often from the native radio stations according to FDR Media associated chart,

successful releases of two videos, four soundtracks, big North American Tour, participation in the «SXSW» international festival, honorary title of the UNICEF U-Report Ambassador in Ukraine, more than twenty million views of videos on Youtube, and, the most important, the announcement of the first stadium tour «Hello» - the jubilee year 2018 claims to be very profitable for ANTYTILA.
And what is more, this was exactly the year when the band celebrated their tenth anniversary!
Having begun with the collaboration with a popular TV series #Школа where the song «TDME» was chosen as the main soundtrack the year goes on with a lot of significant events for the band.

In winter, Taras Topolia signs a memorandum about collaboration with the UN Children's Fund office (UNICEF) in Ukraine, having made dozens of meetings with youth within it soon from west to east of the country.

In spring, the ANTYTILA band completes a successful tour around ten cities of North America and Canada also taking part in the International festival SXSW (USA, Austine, Texas). The band is one of the first to have presented Ukraine on such a massive festival.

Summer appears to be not less rich for events. ANTYTILA become headliners of the "ВідеоЖара 2018" ('VideoZhara 2018') festival of video culture and finalize the seven days music marathon of the Atlas Wekend Festival having performed on the main stage before the world headliner Placebo.

Also in summer, the ANTYTILA band present the most expensive and technically hard video ever for the band «Лови момент» ('Lovy moment' / 'Seize the moment'). For the beautiful frames as well as to depict a strong sense ANTYTILA have completed the most difficult walking tourist route of Ukraine together with kids and in the raining period. In this video ANTYTILA have shown their families for the first time.

In autumn, the band bring their fans joyful news about the first stadium tour devoted to the sixth album «Hello» and band's tenth anniversary. ANTYTILA announce the gigs in five cities: 25/05 - Lviv, 7/06- Kharkiv, 15/06 – Poltava, 24/08 – Odesa and 17/11 - Kyiv.

The year 2018 finishes for the band not less powerful - with the release of the video on the song «Lego» featuring Volodymyr Zelenskyi. The song becomes the main soundtrack to the jubilee movie by «Квартал 95» studio «Я, Ти, Він, Вона» ("Me, You, Him, Her") and the movie itself - the most expected premiere of the year 2018.

«The year has passed like a single moment. When the density of events grows, when the pace of life grows, it is important to remain yourself and not to lose understanding what this marathon is for, where it is going to lead you, and what your final aim is. The year has been very important but very successful in creative work. On behalf of the band I'd like to thank everyone living and being inspired with our music. Being aware of and having the feeling you are by our sides even in the most difficult situation we get the power! We promise that in the bustle of everyday life we won't lose and we'll save within us everything we have stepped on the stage for for the first time: create to help and change people's lives. See you at the stadiums, we know you've been waiting for it for a long time. Follow the news and stay in tune with us, because ANTYTILA are more than just music!», summed up Taras Topolia.

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