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The plot was based on a post-Apocalyptic story. The main hero played by Oleksii Verenchyk, a frontman of the band Detach, is coming back to the planet Earth after a nuclear Apocalypse to check if it is habitat for life. Oleksii has not just played the main role but also acted as a director. Postproduction has been up to the “Headshot Studio”, one of the most requested production studios in Ukraine and Europe. The “Headshot Studio” used to work with Eminem, Linkin Park, Twenty one pilots, Dan Balan, Vira Brezhnieva, and many others. «This video is the sequel of the story from the video «Лови момент» (‘Seize the moment’): of the fact that the world is brittle. And of the fact that the Earth is our home we need to care about. And there are many of those who forget about it. It was interesting at the filming of “Hello”, a good adventure. We almost drowned the camera. The filming took us about fourteen hours. We needed a swamp, a road, and a field in frame, and we had no time for relocating. Wonderfully, we’d found a field in Kyiv combining everything we were searching for. We’d found a car for the video in a dump, and the grand piano Taras is playing was bought on one of online sales platforms. My suit, by the way, is a real pilot suit. We bought it in a military store. But the most complicated thing, of course, was the video’s postproduction. Especially, if we consider that we made it in record time. We had a bit more than 24 hours for everything – there were only eight days between the filming of the video and its premiere. And beforehand, our team had needed to finish the project for Alan Badoiev. But, it seems to me, it worked, and everyone enjoyed the result!» shared his impressions Oleksii Verenchyk.

Hello album and video: double premiere from ANTYTILA.
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