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PREMIERE! ANTYTILA have coped with space in the new video. Seize the moment: Love. Future. Sincerity. Friendship.

After the success of the song and videos (official and lyric ones) «TDME» the ANTYTILA band present the second work from the upcoming album «Hello» - «Лови момент ('Lovy moment' / 'Seize the moment')».
The video «Seize the moment» is based on sincerity and from the beginning till the end is soaked with metaphors - in the manner of ANTYTILA. Human relations became the main message of the video - wholeness and unity – what humans can't survive on the Earth without. 
This time there are no actors or performances. The musicians have presented their families to the wide audience for the first time. The leader Taras Topolia has appeared on the screens with his wife Olena (a famous singer Alyosha) as well as all the other members of the band with their relatives.
«This time we thought it could possibly be something ordinary, shot in the studio during one or two days, but the answer was No. We were talking a lot about how we could come across the idea of the song through the video, so that we wouldn't fail, and during these discussions the idea of trek appeared. It became clear at once that this story would depict the real human relations. Because no one goes trekking with dastards, we go trekking with those we can lean on, especially if it is a hard trek», Taras Topolia said.

The musicians marked this video as technically difficult and the most expensive of all times of ANTYTILA. The shooting was taking place for 10 days. The members of the band have completed the most difficult walking tourist route of Ukraine, moreover, when it was raining a lot. The shooting crew of twenty people have walked up along the river Chornyi Cheremosh - these are the wilds of the Carpathians, the Chyvchynski mountains located near the frontier zone of Romania. It's worth mentioning that because of the weather the crew had to set for the shooting to the remote area twice. 

«For good shots and good sense being always present in our songs and videos, we are ready to work, overcome ourselves, defeat laziness, fear and get to the top. Because there is still not a single top in front of each of us» - Taras Topolia comments.

«Лови момент ('Lovy monent' / 'Seize the moment')» is some kind of a sequel to the video «TDME». These series will end with the next song from the upcoming album «Hello», the presentation of which is planned for the autumn this year. And for the year 2019 ANTYTILA are planning a big stadium tour through the cities of Ukraine in support of the sixth album.

Idea, script  - Serhii Vusyk, Taras Topolia, Olena Topolia. 
Film directors - Dmytro Manifest, Serhii Vusyk.
Cameraman - Dmytro Manifest. 
Producer of the video - Serhii Vusyk.   
Editing director - Serhii Vusyk. 
Graphics - Roman Onufriichuk, Oleksandr Muzychenko. 
"The Mars Orbit" scene - Oleksii Verenchyk (ALEXTYLE), Serhii Ksionz, Yuliia Berehova, Oleksii Ostrovyi. 
Syncrones idea - Yurii Alieksieienko.

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