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PREMIERE. ANTYTILA have presented their work in collaboration with a famous British band Clean Bandit.

The video and song created in collaboration with the Grammy owner - the Clean Bandit band. The representatives of the British band contacted ANTYTILA and offered to join the International project within which they had to create their own version of a famous song in Ukrainian. ANTYTILA have accepted, and the two bands have united for a music experiment in Ukraine.

It should be noted that ANTYTILA'S fans were the first to observe the video and song «Symphony» (TBRG Open x Clean Bandit - Official Cover) on May 25, during a massive gig at Lviv Arena having started the stadium tour «Hello» across the cities of Ukraine. Almost 20 000 people having gathered at the stadium appreciated the work with tremendous applause.

The ANTYTILA band have brought national colours with their arrangement having added Ukrainian music instruments and Ukrainian lyrics to the song by Clean Bandit. The experiments in the band's collaboration weren't limited with the music part but can be observed in the video as well. Following the director Eugene's idea ANTYTILA have shot the video about how the shootings of the videos take place. 

«The task we had wasn't simple - to shoot the video on the song «Symphony», the original version of which is a world hit having 800 millions views on YouTube. We had about five ideas from which we've stopped on the most challenging one. Such shooting style is not typical for our show business, it is customery to us to fill the «format», it's about the videos as well. But I have always wanted to show the viewer what the shooting process is like from the director's position, and what an enormous amount of work of the whole team is behind the creation of the final video. I'm sure many people will change their vision of it after watching this video,» - shared his thoughts the director Eugene.

The shooting took place in Kyiv, and the post production was made by the crew of HEADSHOT studio. It's not the first collaboration of ANTYTILA with this crew. It's already made post productions for the videos «Лови момент» and «Hello».

«It was an interesting experience of working with a world level artist for us. There were some kind of difficult details as we're divided by a great distance, and sometimes it was hard to communicate quickly. The main thing is that we've always made all our creative decisions by ourselves, and this time we needed to coordinate everything with our creative partners. But in the end everything was okay. I'm sure that our version of the song will be liked by millions of fans,» - gave his comment the leader of the band Taras Topolia. 

Clean Bandit, a trio of Grace Chatto and two brothers Luke and Jack Patterson, have also told how pleasing it was to collaborate with ANTYTILA band. Speaking of the results of this collaboration Grace Chatto said: "We are glad to work with the ANTYTILA band and find out more about people and places inspiring them to new music experiments. It's an interesting experience for us, and we've been looking forward to the results of our collaboration".

The song Symphony (TBRG Open x Clean Bandit - Official Cover) by ANTYTILA will be possible to hear very soon live during the Hello tour in four cities of Ukraine: June 7, Kharkiv, «Metalist» Stadium, June 15, Poltava, «Vorskla» Stadium, Odesa citizens will hear it on the Independence Day, «Spartak» Stadium, and the capital city with its guests will evaluate the song live on November 17, in the Palace of Sports.

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