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«Вірила» is the fourth single from the new album. Its release is going to take place in late Fabruary, 2019. ANTYTILA always surprise everyone with their video works full with senses and symbols. The video «Вірила» is not an exception. The video is set upon the idea resonating in every person.

In order to bring their ideas to life, ANTYTILA have covered the way of ten thousand kilometers. The shooting took place in Ukraine and Portugal, not far from Lisbon, and in the municipality Cabeceiras de Basto near Fafe. One of the locations of the scene drawing attention to it is a stone house Casa do Penedo, or «Flinstones’ House». It is one of the top-10 most extraordinary buildings of the world. Its uniqueness consists in the fact that the house looks like a rock on the top of a desolate hill. Enormous boulders serve a few walls of the house. In Ukraine, the scenes in the carpentry unit were filmed. The scene designer Viktor Buchkovskyi had made this location intentionally for shooting the video. Another object deserving attention in the video work «Вірила» is a hangglider as a symbol of realizing the dreams. ANTYTILA had brought a real training hangglider «УТ» created as far as in 1978 to Portugal. It was decorated with wood for filming. It’s worth noting that such hanggliders had never flown in this area – over the Atlantic. ANTYTILA dared to do this.

The main hero’s stand-in Dmytro Khaiit took the risk of completing a few flights without a parachute thanks to which the spectators will be able to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of lovely frames and scenes. It’s worth noting that the syncs in the video «Вірила» are one of the key elements. As planned by the frontman of the band Taras Topolia, it was the first time when the band members weren’t playing the instruments but walking as a team and singing to the camera. As the song «Вірила» is a man’s dedication to a woman. «The idea of the song emerged about one year ago when we had finished our work at the song «Лови момент» in the studio, entered the new fall music season and gathered yet again in the studio to create the upcoming album. We went back to the demo version of this song. I had got a few melodies in my head, and we’d recorded one of them, but there hadn’t been any lyrics yet. That was the period when we went on working at the Polish studio adapting our Ukrainian songs to Polish and English as part of our movement towards Poland. And so, in the train to Warsaw I had listened to an upcoming song probably one hundred times, there were plenty of ideas and metaphors. But the most powerful one was about a woman’s trust in her man: of a beloved woman in her beloved man, of a mum in her son. That’s why this topic had become crucial. It’s one of the most man’s songs in the repertoir of the ANTYTILA band. It’s an appeal from us as men musicians to our wives, it’s an appeal from us as sons to our mums, and it’s an appeal to all women of Ukraine with one simple message: we men can do incredible things, we can overcome obstacles, we can get off our knees and move forward, and move mountains if we know that there’s a woman walking by our side believing in us, and this message concerns not only the musicians of the ANTYTILA band, but, I’m sure, all the men of the country», shares his thoughts Taras Topolia. Serhii Vusyk, Yurii Aleksieienko, and Taras Topolia were the directors of the video. The song «Вірила» will be included in the sixthe album of the ANTYTILA band «HELLO», in favor of which the stadium tour is up to take place this year. We already know the cities where the gigs are about to take place: Lviv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Odesa, Kyiv. Tickets are already on sale.

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