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42 grades beneath he sun, 100 scenes, more than 100 people on the location, bright steampunk-character heroes, tons (literally!) of costumes and makeup, more than 1 000 litres of water, lots of friends and like-minded fellows. Everything for the sake of showing and telling you the story! With meanings, implied senses and good music.

Take a look at how the КІНО (‘Movie’ / ‘Kino’) shooting was taking place in the following video!

LISTEN TO/DOWNLOAD the track КІНО: https://ffm.to/kdxzdor

The shooting process was taking place during five days in the heat of forty grades in the «Олешківські піски» / «Oleshkiv Sands» desert, Kherson oblast. By the way, this national nature park is the only desert in Europe. Spesifically for the shooting ANTYTILA have set a circus town amid the sands with a real big top decorated with symbolic flags with the letter “A” and the stage. The main character was played by Taras Topolia. He had to get the feel of this part for a few months and to learn how to juggle. ANTYTILA have invited the best illusionists of Ukraine to the actor crew of the juggler, also known as famous bloggers Magic Five (М5): Dmytro Yevtushenko, Mykyta Holiev, Dmytro Tomashevskyi, Artur Tomashevskyi, Dmytro Lukoianov. This was the first collaboration of the teams.

The Steampunk style is the most complicated in cinematography, because it isn’t popular, and the atmosphere in it is created exactly by details. In the video almost one hundred costumes are presented, and not a single one is repeated. Each of them is organically bound with the type of each character. Mariana Slovianska and Hanna Cherkashyna have been working on costumes for a month and a half, as well as the actors and members of  Steampunk community in Ukraine engaged in the video with their own costumes.

Serhii Vusyk has featured as the director of the video «Кіно» (‘Movie’ / ‘Kino’) being supported and given advice in the whole process by the loyal friends, artists and directors Rostyslav Vasyliev and Oleksii Verenchyk. Cameraman – Anton Shatokhin.

The shooting production was made collectively, as usual. The inventors of idea and cast: Taras Topolia and Serhii Vusyk. Music and arrangement – Maksym Syvolap. Lyrics – Taras Topolia. 24 cars + 2 lorries + 1 truck have reached the point starting from different parts of Ukraine with petrol provided by our partner – the gas filling stations network «KLO». The story actualized in the video was created in April.

There were 5 to 6 variants of the script. The song had changed completely 3 times, there were 5 variants of lyrics; the costumes were being prepared for a month and a half; there were 5 kg of jewellery on Taras Topolia’s costume. Mechanical clocks were being bought up for the costumes.

ANTYTILA GIVE ADDITIONAL THANKS TO: the actors of the Kherson oblast academic music and drama theatre n.a. Mykola Kulish, the head of the Kherson oblast Centre of people’s arts Volodymyr Volodymyrovych Kapeliushnyk, the manager of the «Олешківські піски» / «Oleshkiv Sands» National Nature Park Andrii Neprokin, the senior officer of the Naval Forces of Defence Forces of Ukraine Oleksii Leonidovych Neiiazhapa, the donkey Yasha (the actor with 3 years’ experience). For the stage – the Pr Music.

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