The owner of the «Grammy» award Clean Bandit and a famous Ukrainian band «ANTYTILA» have joined for the music experiment.

Tuborg has supported the music experiment by «ANTYTILA» and «Clean Bandit», which will be presented in the tour "HELLO" on May 25.
 The Tuborg brand has endorsed the bands' initiative. The music platform, at which Tuborg is working, calls upon opening yourself for more and not being afeaid of getting new unusual experience being able to change your life.

The «ANTYTILA» band was proposed to make up their own version of one of the Clean Bandit band's hits. «ANTYTILA» have provided the world hit with their own «brand» sound and national flavour, having made it sound in a new way. The «ANTYTILA» band's leader Taras Topolia has noticed: «This track inspires for creation and awakens wonderful feelings. This is what pushed us towards productive work with the record. Very soon everyone will be able to judge the results of our collaboration with the British colleagues».

Clean Bandit have noticed a great professionalism level of the «ANTYTILA» band: «Before beginning our collaboration with a talented crew we have studied the Ukrainian market profoundly. We liked the sounding of «ANTYTILA», their approach towards creating music product, their videos, and the way their songs sound. We have entrusted them with our record, and we are sure that the result will be top-class». This renewed track sponsored by Tuborg, is meant to inspire music lovers to get ready for more, provoking them to open their mind for new and diverse impressions».

At the moment «ANTYTILA» are preparing a new video. The band doesn't disclose the details, but it is known that the video and song will be presented on May 25, in Lviv during the first gig within ANTYTILA's stadium tour "Hello", sponsored by Tuborg. The song is also going to be heard in other cities, namely Kharkiv, Poltava, Odesa and Kyiv during the live-show «Hello».

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