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Dear friends, according to the quarantine announced in Ukraine and following the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 211 dated March 11, 2020, we are obliged to reschedule some of the March gigs to April.
We're asking you to stay at home. Follow quarantine demands. Take care of yourselves and people important to you.
This will exactly be the thing bringing us closer to the moment we'll meet with you. The tickets remain valid.

We wish you all to be healthy. Have strong Antibodies. And we're working at the new hit-premiere.

The show “Hello 2020” is guaranteed to take place in all the announced Ukrainian towns and cities but some of them on other dates! No cancellations! Let's fight coronavirus together!) We're bringing you Antibodies!

In the public offer posted on the websites of ticket operators, the exemption of the Parties from liabilities for partial or total non-compliance with commitments to this Offer is provided for, if such non-compliance has become the consequence of force majeure, which means exceptional and unavoidable circumstances having occurred against the will of the Parties and the ones they could not prevent, avoid or foresee. The force majeure circumstances include: natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.), social life circumstances (combat actions, states of emergency, explosions, strikes, civil strifes and protests, epidemics, including the restrictions related to COVID-19 risks, and/or other viruses), actions and decisions of government authorities including the decisions for counteracting the virus COVID-19 and/or other viruses, prohibitory events by state bodies (transportation prohibiting, exchange control, international sanctions of sales prohibiting, etc.), failures in telecommunication and energy networks. In the course of this period, the Parties do not have any mutual claims, and each Party takes its risks of the consequences of force majeure circumstances. Thus, neither the Agent, which is a ticket operator, nor the buyer has mutual claims to each other during a force majeure circumstances period.

However, to relieve the pressure, and to prove the status of a client-oriented company, the ticket operators together with Artists and Organizers of the events, holding which was planned for the period from 12/03/2020 to 31/03/2020, and for which the tickets were sold, are doing everything possible so that the buyers would not lose their costs and would get the desired – visiting the awaited events. Now, with joint efforts of the Agent and the Organizers, the organization of the events rescheduling to other dates is occurring.

ANTYTILA do not waive providing their services and suffer the same financial losses and inconveniences. Returning the tickets also puts additional fee on the artist being charged from them by a ticket operator when returning. So, considering the losses from advertising as well as the other organizational aspects, considering that the quarantine in the state is force majeure circumstances, a compromise decision was made for all the parties of the market, and with additional risk for the artist, - to conduct a rescheduling of some gigs saving the validity of the tickets already bought without the possibility of returning.

We wish everyone to stay healthy and keep common sense. We're bringing you Antibodies. Let's fight coronavirus together!)

All the tickets remain valid. Considering force majeure circumstances, they are non-refundable, and the ticket sales for the new dates have opened.

ATTENTION, the new gig dates:
4/04 - Kryvyi Rih - ДМІС

5/04 - Oleksandriia - Svitlopilskyi Palace of Culture

6/04 - Mykolaiv - ОПК

7/04 - Kherson - ККЗ Ювілейний

8/04 - Cherkasy - Дружби Народів (Druzhby Narodiv) Palace of Culture (2 gigs for 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.)

9/04 - Yuzhnoukraiinsk - Enerhetyk Palace of Culture

22/04 - Kremenchuk - Town Palace of Culture (2 gigs for 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.)

23/04 - Melitopol - Taras Shevchenko Community Hall

24/04 - Zaporizhia - Palace of Sports

25/04 - Mariupol - City Palace of Culture

27/04 - Kramatorsk - НКМЗ Community Hall

28/04 - Sievierodonetsk - "Хіміків" ("Khimiky") Community Hall

12/05 - Sumy - СУМДУ Arena

13/05 - Shostka - ЦЕВ Палац зірка (Palats Zirka)

14/05 - Pryluky - Town Community Hall

15/05 - Nizhyn - Town Palace of Culture

16/05 - Dnipro - «Метеор» («Meteor») Stadium

18/05 - Fastiv - Town Palace of Culture

19/05 - Vasylkiv - Town Community Hall

21/05 - Chernivtsi - Summer Theater

23/05 - Ivano-Frankivsk - «Рух» («Rukh») City Stadium

28/05 - Kovel - Palace of Culture

30/05 - Ternopil - City Stadium

5/06 - Rivne - «Мототрек» («Mototrek») Stadium

13/06 - Zhytomyr - Summer Open-air Stage

30/08 - Bila Tserkva - «Трудові Резерви» ('Trudovi Rezervy') Stadium

Important thing! The gig in Cherkasy March 23 was rescheduled to 8 p.m. April 8.

The gig in Cherkasy March 24 was rescheduled to 5 p.m. April 8.

The gigs in Europe were cancelled due to quarantine for unspecified period of time. The new dates of the gigs in Poland and Czech Republic will be announced later together with the announcement of North-American tour across the USA and Canada. The estimated time of holding the gigs – fall 2020.

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