The stadium tour is devoted to the new album and band’s tenth anniversary. One year and a half preparation, exclusive stage, light, directing fantasies and show are going to surprise!

The songs being favourite for millions of fans around the country and abroad are going to be first played at the stadiums.
ANTYTILA are going to sing together with dozens of thousands of kindred spirit people. The greatest extended music program through the history of the band accompanied by warm summer sky and bright show will be waiting for you. The best songs from all previous albums, «TDME» and «Лови момент» ('Lovy moment' / 'Seize the moment') as well as absolutely new tracks from the upcoming album «Hello» holding some more powerful hits from ANTYTILA are definitely going to be performed. 

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The first gig within the stadium tour «Hello» is going to be held on May 25, 2019 році at Lviv Arena! 
The band have also announced the gigs in: 
Kharkiv 07/06 
Poltava 15/06 
Odesa 24/08 on Ukraine's Independence Day.

The tour live-show is going to finish on November 17, in the capital city Palace of Sports. 
The program will be based on the songs from the sixth album «Hello», planned to be released in February next year, as well as the best hits through the history of the band. The tickets are already available.

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ANTYTILA are more than just music.

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