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Mining, scandal with tickets and flash mob from the fans, what the first gigs of the stadium tour Hello by ANTYTILA stayed in memory with.

On June 15, the gig of ANTYTILA took place at the stadium «Vorskla named after O. Butkovskyi» in Poltava. It's the third gig out of five within the stadium tour “Hello”, having happened in support of the new album of the same name. In the West and East almost 50 000 people have already heard and sung «Hello» together with the ANTYTILA band. Odesa and Kyiv are ahead.
The tour «Hello» is remarkable for ANTYTILA and Ukrainian show business as a whole.

In the year 2018, the musicians were not only the first to have announced their stadium tour, they also were the first to have later used extra modern sound and light equipment on their gigs around Ukraine with support of the technical partner PR music. This is exactly the equipment used by the stars worldwide: Daddy Yankee, Tokio Hotel, etc. Everything became possible thanks to the long term preparation and work of a big team counting about 100 people. The members of the team do a great amount of work every day so that modern Ukrainian music sounded powerfully in the five cities planned in the tour.

Let’s sum up what the gigs of ANTYTILA in Lviv, Kharkiv and Poltava stayed in memory with for the audience and organizers… 
Little was said about it, but two first gigs of the Hello tour were close to the edge for different reasons. Thus, in Lviv, after the first stage of the tour promotional campaign, the Federation of Football of Ukraine demanded to reschedule the gig because of worries for possible damage of the new pitch cover of the stadium «Lviv Arena», having been laid before the match of the National team of Ukraine. The representatives of the band have defended the event, though they had to accept the limitations and use just a half of the stadium having moved the stage and minimizing the threats for the pitch cover and the upcoming football match.

And a few days before the gig in Kharkiv the manager of the ANTYTILA band Serhii Vusyk was regularly getting messages about possible mining of the stadium and offers to «get the situation right» for some reward.
Here we should give thanks to the managers as well as the members of MIA and Security Department of Ukraine in Kharkiv who have taken control of this situation. It’s worth mentioning that the preparation and promotional campaign for the Kharkiv gig weren’t stopping even after the imposing the martial law in autumn 2018, though a lot of events have been canceled in Kharkiv after that. 
The preparation of the gig in Poltava also hasn’t avoided a scandal: the former mayor of the town and a potential candidate for deputies Oleksandr Mamai has officially bought 700 tickets from ANTYTILA and started to spread themfor free among the citizens of the town which has interested the media greatly.

But despite all the shades of the preparation process the thing having stayed in memory of the people in Lviv, Kharkiv and Poltava the best was a unique atmosphere of unity which only ANTYTILA are peculiar for. It’s worth mentioning that at these three gigs there were lots of the band’s fans having arrived from different countries: the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, the Netherlands, Israel, etc.

«We’ve crossed the halfway mark of the tour! To say that we are excited means to say nothing. We’ve expected dozens of thousands of people in Lviv, and this happened. But we exactly weren’t ready for those number of people and courage in Kharkiv and Poltava. Everything having happened to ANTYTILA during last month is some kind of magic. Our fans are gathering from around the world. Could we imagine that they would fly from Austin, Minsk? And to Lviv those would be Switzerland, Canada and Israel. We’rebringing HELLO to Odesa on July 24! It’s gonna be independent, free and hot. And we’re seriously thinking about widening the geographyof the stadium tour», confesses Taras Topolia.

ANTYTILA prepared music surprises for each city. Thus, in Lviv about fifty children have performed with the band on the stage, they have interpreted the song «Лови момент» in gesture language. Also the presentation of the song and video «Symphony» in collaboration with the band Clean Bandit took place in Lviv. The guests from Kharkiv and Poltava have heard Taras Topolia featuring Oleksii Verenchyk from the DETACH band. They have performed the song «Смотри в меня» together. The ANTYTILA fan club members also didn’t trail far behind and greeted ANTYTILA in original way. During the performance of the song «Hello» they have raised hundreds of banners with the name of the song.

In Kharkiv and Poltava the audience have also greeted Taras Topolia’s parents having visited exactly these cities. Due to some conditions of life they rarely visit performances of ANTYTILA. 
What remained unchanged in each city were the music program from ANTYTILA lasting for two hours and a half, the show with graphic and visual effects, and an exclusive semicircle shaped open stage of more than forty metres having been created special for the HELLO tour. The stadium tour «Hello» is going on. The next gig is going to take place on August, 24, in the city of Odesa at the «Spartak» Stadium, and the tour’s going to finish on November, 17, in the Palace of Sports in Kyiv.

ANTYTILA are more than just music!

Антитіла – більше, ніж музика!

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