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April 12, is the date when the HELLO album celebrates its first birthday! It’s exactly April 12, 9 pm, when the broadcast of one of the two gigs within HELLO tour in the capital city is planned on our YouTube channel. 
By the way, this album is the leader by the number of songs we've shot the most videos to in the history of the band - 7/10!

During the broadcast of our gig on YouTube on Sunday quarantine evening, everyone who's eager to are going to have the opportunity to communicate freely with the whole team of ANTYTILA in the chat of the stream for the first time, both with the musicians and management of the band for 2 full hours.

If you wish, write your questions in this very chat before the stream.

All the members of the band will be in the chat with their real names. Moreover, until the end of quarantine we’ll be sharing a series of unknown facts about very well-known events in the life of the ANTYTILA band having happened for the last 10 years. What really happened? How much did it cost? Which unexpected circumstances emerged? How did the band solve them and how was that made up?! That’s what everyone’s interested in, isn’t it? We’re ready to tell it sincerely.

What was happening backstage of the Palace of Sports in the capital city?

Just thirty minutes before the most crucial gig with an accurate schedule of going on-air at M1 TV channel planned up to a single second, with 10 thousand fans already awaiting for the start at that moment, with almost a year’s preparation of the show where every detail was got right, and with a stage of ₴1 million cost the performance trousers couldn’t be found for the lead singer. For a number of reasons, the ordered performance suits were made on the very day of the gig. “Nothing foretold troubles”, nobody had had a single thought to take other extra clothes or check the suits in the afternoon. Everyone had a bunch of other more important stuff. And here it is, 30 minutes till going to the stage, the fans are heard clapping their hands, and the musicians meanwhile understand that they do look better without any fine blue trousers on than dressed in them. Mykhailo Chyrko was doing another lap around the table, because he was the one responsible for those trousers. The silence was hung in the air. Every occasional person entering the dressing room received their serving of mood «for the trousers» – Serhii kept thinking.

25 minutes till the start of the gig. The musicians have made a joint crisis decision. Actually, the only one possible until today – the only one you can rely on is yourself and your own efforts. Dmytro Vodovozov springs onto a unicycle and takes off to a neighboring trade center Gulliver to get new trousers for Taras. In fact, you can’t start the gig without a drummer, but live broadcast also won’t hang around and is up to start straight at 8 p.m. It’s a day off, plenty of people outside, and a trade center in Ukraine is “almost empty” as usual.

13 minutes before the start. The message in the group chat that the trousers were bought with a photo proof received.

8 minutes before the start. Dmytro flies into the dressing roome like a warrior on a unicycle holding the trousers. The overall stage image has already been remade. There are only 2 blue jackets left out of 5 suits. Serhii has put on Zholud’s black stretches. Having stopped half-turn by the table and having calmed dowm Mykhailo put on his bass guitar smiling.

2 minutes till the start. The band’s behind the curtains. The news that we had the trousers flew through all the organizers’ radios.

The directors are counting down. And we start!

– More than 200 people had been working on the gig apart from 200 more volunteers.

– The overall number of people in the hall having scanned their tickets apart from the children under 8 years old accounts for 9 783 people according to the data given by the ticket operators. And the Palace of Sports could have fit more. The myth on its capacity was shattered.

– The overall cost of the gig was more than ₴2 000 000.

– The first Palace of Sports had been sold out almost with no advertising 2 months before the gig date.

– In this gig video there is no sound correction. The performance is exactly the same as it was on the gig.

– Taras sang 2 gigs ahead, 2.5 hours each with fragile voice after a severe angina.

– Dmytro Zholud used Camper 2.0 for the first time to process the sound with fully recorded Midi commands to every part of every song. And all these ;ive with no opportunity to test the device’s behavior and previously recorded commands beforehand under rehearsal or gig conditions.

– Dimchyk has gained the title of the band’s rescuer for the feat with unicycle. Winter tires were suggested for the unicycle.

– ANTYTILA keep working with their favorite seamstress Kateryna, but Mykhailo does everything in advance now. Fitting is never put on the last day.


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