The Ukrainian music band ANTYTILA have presented the cover of their new album «Hello», in support of which a stadium tour across the cities of Ukraine is going to start in May.

«Hello» is the sixth album in the band's discography.
The official release of the CD is going to take place on the Cosmonautics Day - April 12.

The album will consist of 10 tracks, some of which have already managed to become hits and get prestigious awards in the show business industry of the country. These are: «TDME», «Лови момент» ('Lovy moment' / 'Seize the moment'), «Lego» and «Вірила» ('Viryla' / 'You to believe').

The cover of the album is seen as a digitalised face of the band's leader - Taras Topolia. This picture is recognizable having appeared before in the band's intro icons of AntyVlogs, which the team has started up to let all the curious guys know how the preparation for the tour's going on. This picture for the cover wasn't chosen accidentally. Topolia's digitalised face will be one of the key elements of the live-show «Hello».

«The world will never be the same as it used to be before. We digitalise our reality, we join into new forms for the new future. We're listening to our insight, we calculate our future, and we tighten the distances and time.
This cover is the symbol of the new era mutualising a person with a digit, the era we are all living and creating in! It determines everything and ANTYTILA'S music as well.

A clear mind or a rattle brain, a happy ending or an inescapable final — everything depends just on us and 00110000010110000100110», gave his comment Taras Topolia.
We remind you that the stadium tour «Hello» is going to take place in five cities of Ukraine: Lviv, Poltava, Kharkiv, Odesa, Kyiv. Except the new album "Hello" an expanded music program with a modern sound live show is waiting for the fans, as well as contemporary light show being brought from Italy specially for the tour gigs.

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