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Dear friends, due to quarantine announced in Ukraine and completing the decree of the Cabinet of Munisters of Ukraine № 211 from March 11, 2020, we have to postpone a number of our gigs to other dates. No cancellations! The show “Hello 2020” is guaranteed to take place in all the Ukrainian towns and cities declared!


We appeal to you to be understanding towards changes in the schedule. This is a great time-consuming work depending on many factors independently from our wishes and opportunities. We tried to consider them all so that our meeting would happen and be imprinted in your memory as soon as possible.

The gigs announced beforehand were postponed to the most optimistic dates. They will be held!

We put an accent on the fact that ALL THE TICKETS BOUGHT ARE VALID. They are automatically shifted to the new date in your town or city.
The tickets are non-refundable. ANTYTILA do not refuse from providing their service and also bear financial losses and inconveniences.

We have good news. As an additional bonus, at the gigs within the HELLO 2020 tour an extended music program is about to sound. ANTYTILA are going to perform new songs from the upcoming album that we keep working at productively during quarantine. So after the situation in the state is stabilized the new tour towns and cities will be announced. Please, write where you'd like to see us. Your comments will effect the decision taking.
Take care of yourselves, and see you in your town or city!

ANTYTILA to everyone!
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The ANTYTILA band go on their successful tour «Hello» across Ukraine. Stadium sold-outs and two Palaces of Sports in the capital city ahead - this is how its first part passed in 2019. Eighty thousands of fans have already sung the songs from the new album in favor of which the tour takes place in unison with ANTYTILA. The time has come for the whole country to see and hear the show «Hello»!

At the gig in the Palace of Sports, ANTYTILA have announced the second half of the big tour. From West to East, from theaters to stadiums, from district towns to million-dwellers cities. In the venues of the state, the band are going to present two-hours long music program with hits from the new album like «TDME», «Вірила» ('Viryla' / 'You to believe'), «Лови момент» ('Lovy moment' / 'Seize the moment') and the previous ones: «Все красиво» ('Vse krasyvo' / 'Everything's lovely'), «Люди, як кораблі» ('Liudy yak korabli' / 'People are like the ships'), «БудуВуду» ('Buduvudu') and others. As an addition - the atmosphere of special effects, light and cutting-edge world class live sound. Because these are exactly ANTYTILA who have presented the best stage equipment at their gigs in Ukraine having gained the highest world awards at the music exhibition in the USA in 2018. An exclusive stadium stage in the shape of semicircle and weighing 68 tons will be adapted to all tour concert venues so that the fans in every town or city could plunge into ANTYTILA's music world, feel their energy fully, and become a part of the live-show «Hello».

«We've been piled with requests to come to this or that town or city in messengers and via email. With every our new stadium gig, the wave of excited feedbacks flew across the whole country via word-of-mouth. Therefore, as we promised you, we extend the geography of our tour HELLO. So wait for us at new stadiums and big multi-thousand covered venues with a big three-hour-long program, show, sound, and light of world class!», added Taras Topolia.

The tour «Hello» began May 25, 2019, from «Lviv Arena» in favor of the album of the same name. Stadium gigs took place in Lviv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Odesa, and Kyiv. This is the eigth ANTYTILA's tour, but that was the first time when they had presented the show of such format to their fans. «Hello» is two years of preparation, the synergy of millions of fans around the world, and the work of a very big ANTYTILA's team.

This is how ANTYTILA sound today. They sound for the whole family.

ANTYTILA are more than just music!


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