«M1 Music Awards. 4 Seasons» goes on surprising. The organizers of the massive event – М1 TV channel and «Таврійські Ігри» company – reported about the changes in the lineup of the ceremony of awards for the best singers of Ukrainian show business. The «ANTYTILA» band have joined the gala concert.

The band is going to take part in the ceremony «M1 Music Awards» for the first time. It is already known that «ANTYTILA» are preparing a massiveperformance with deep philosophical meaning.

«We make this step consciously. Understanding that the entertaining format of the ceremony has some borders, but there is always some space for important and deep questions in any format! We had a couple of ideas but finally chose the one definitely going to resonate with everyone. Of course, there are going to be graphics and special effects but they will only fulfill the main idea. I can't disclose all the secrets but I can ensure you that the script has the happy ending!», shared his impressions the leader of «ANTYTILA» Taras Topolia.

«M1 Music Awards. 4 Seasons» is the fourth ceremony of «M1 Music Awards» taking place on December 1, in Kyiv Palace of Sports. The exclusive performances in this massive gala concert are going to be presented by Tina Karol «Vremya i Steklo», MONATIK, NK | Nastia Kamenskykh, Alyosha, ALEKSEEV, THE HARDKISS, Michelle Andrade, Iryna Bilyk, Mozgi, NIKITA LOMAKIN, KADNAY, MARUV, Olia Tsybulska, KAZKA, Oleksandr Ponomariov and «Antytila». A famous singer Tina Karol owning four «М1 Music Awards» statuettes has become a music producer of the ceremony. 

«М1 Music Awards. 4 Seasons».

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