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The production of the shooting took only one week. However, during this time the actors were chosen, and ANTYTILA present a new massive video! Probably, with new Ukrainian record in the number of people in shot of the music video at a time. More than five hundred people in shot as zombie-characters, hundreds of costumes, kilograms of make-up and professional dancing. Starring Taras Topolia, musicians of the ANTYTILA band and people’s artist of Ukraine Nazar Zadniprovskyi.

You can listen/download the track МАСКАРАД here: https://ffm.to/maskarad

Backstage from the shooting: https://youtu.be/3OaEi3gsIn0

The production of the shooting took only one week. However, during this time the actors and location were chosen, the costumes were created, and the shooting crew gathered together. Preparing the location itself took 24 hours. The shooting process took 23 hours, and a part of the crew and actors spent awake 2 days. On the location, mostly worked the same crew as with the video “Кіно”. Among the main zombie-characters a people’s artist of Ukraine Nazar Zadniprovskyi could also be seen; he’s also a sincere fan of the band. «After a small pause in the course of which we have almost finished studio work with our new album, we present a new song and a new video.

“Маскарад” (‘Masquerade’) is a farcical play and irony towards ourselves and what’s happening around us. Musicians have an opportunity to talk to people using metaphors and images and convey senses at the level of perception. This song is exactly such case, and as it always happens with ANTYTILA, it’s not without sense. I’m sure, the track will become the adornment of the summer season, Ukraine’s gonna sing and dance to it” – says Taras Topolia.

For taking part in extras, there were professional actors, fans coming from different parts of Ukraine, responding to the band’s call, and a people’s artist of Ukraine Nazar Zadniprovskyi had changed his shooting schedule on purpose to play the main part. «I’m patriotic to the ANTYTILA band. For them and for this song I wasn’t sorry to postpone the other shootings.

I had listened to the song carefully, I pondered upon the lyrics, and I sincerely wish the guys a good premiere and ratings, because the song is wise, it’s critical, and it’s topical more than ever now. Somebody’s going to perceive it just as a cool dancelike song, and somebody’s gonna have a deeper understanding», tells a people’s artist of Ukraine Nazar Zadniprovskyi.

The artists share with us that it had taken them very long to choose the track for release. After numerous discussions in the studio, chats, and on tour, the decision was made in favor of the song «Маскарад», because there is everything in it being important to be told and sung to people exactly today. The song “Маскарад” is going to sound live exclusively for the first time at the main stage of the Atlas Weekend festival July 9.

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