It is the date when the UN General assembly adopted the Convention on the Rigts of the Child – the most widely ratified document on human rights in history.

On this day, the offices of UNICEF around the world organize meetings with children and teens where they discuss the main topic of the day. Every year the child's day is devoted to a different topic.

In 2018, the topic of the Universal Children's Day is 'Let's stop the violence'.
The works and conclusions of meetings, talks and brainstorms in 2018 will result in Children's World Manifest to be formed in early December by the main office of the UN in New York.

Ukraine also marks this day with the creation of Public Children's Manifest at UNICEF Youth Hackathon featuring 60 children and teens from all around the country. 
Join us to celebrate the achievement of protecting the rights of the child and remind the world leaders about the problems still remaining unsolved:

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