ANTYTILA have presented the video on the song «LEGO», the main official soundtrack for the new movie by «Квартал 95» studio «Я, ти, він, вона» (‘Me, You, Him, Her”), planned to be released on New Year’s Eve 2019.

After the successful short-length videos «TDME» and «Лови момент» ('Lovy moment' / 'Seize the moment') with strong sense, the ANTYTILA band have presented their fans a dynamic and bright work «LEGO». The band's creative work is closely related to cinematography. Most tracks have become soundtracks to movies or TV series. The new song «LEGO» is one of such tracks.

«I can give plenty of details and tell of how we had been inventing and building decorations for the video, of how we had been threading our way through ship staging to get a friend of ours, a gaffer Rostyslav from another shooting inside a rusty ship to urgently discuss the scheme of locating lighting equipment at our filming set. But all these stories pale in comparison to how passionately Zelenskyi was spinning the wheel just in the frame! In that moment, I realized that he really liked the song much. I'd also like to add from myself that the song "Lego" is not just a soundtrack to the comedy drama «Я, Ти, Він, Вона». This song is about our country going through its likely the most dramatic period of its history. Close your eyes and imagine the people from east and west of it keep singing it to each other. And somewhere inside their hearts, despite all the quarrels each one's eager to build our common broken construction set the way it would bring peace and calmness..» commented the frontman of the band Taras Topolia.

Another fact is that it was the first time when the sixth member of the ANTYTILA band Maksym Syvolap, a composer, a co-author, and a friend of ours, took part in the shooting.

The song «LEGO» is going to be included in ANTYTILA's sixth album «HELLO» up to be presented in February. The song's also going to sound live during the jubilee stadium tour around the towns and cities of Ukraine in 2019 in favor of the new album.

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