About people. About life. About love. The video is based on a metaphoric history of humanity in Steampunk style!

The production took only one week. Yet, during this time we managed to cast the actors. The plot occurring again and again, from generation to generation, through thosands of years.  
Mercy and hatred, betrayal and self-sacrifice, good and evil, rapture and contempt — you can find everything in this video.
The main thing is to set the focus of your camera lens.

Listen to/download the track КІНО:

Backstage from the shooting:

A story being light at first sight has a deep meaning. The story it was set upon repeats from generation to generation, through thousands of years. The whole spectrum of people’s feelings: mercy and hatred, betrayal and self-sacrifice, good and evil, rapture and contempt — everything’s like in our lives. The video is full of metaphors, allegories and symbols being always inherent for ANTYTILA’s creativity.

ANTYTILA are the first artists in Ukraine having dared to massively implement the stylistics of the Steampunk genre in a music video. About one hundred costumes, perfected up; a multi-ton circus decoration in the desert built from the ground; Taras Topolia’s drastic transformation; real tricks from Magic Five – you’ll see all these in our new video.

«I lack words to give thanks to everyone having been shot in this video. It was a small feat of every participant. 71 out of 72 scenes had been shot just during 1 day. I’d like to mark the following supporting actors especially: Mikael Avoian, Serhii Trush, Oleksandr Yudin, Nataliia Andrieieva and the extras, among which there were a lot of friends of ours and true Ukrainian steampunkers, elderly people and children having arrived from all over the country. We spent 25 hours in the desert from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. of the next day having had almost no sleep beforehand, under the burning sun. Nobody gave up, everyone completed the way from the first second to the final, there were many of those for whom the shooting experience was the first, but they did their best. During the lunch break the people were falling asleep right in the sun, and went on shooting in half an hour demonstrating no sign of fatigue. In such moments, you feel the people’s love and a greater responsibility for where you bring them.

It was a pleasure for us to work with the Magic Five team. They were showing so realistic and cool tricks that detracted the whole group from the shooting process», Taras Topolia.

«We’ve got used to complicated projects and tough shooting. But this work had challenged us despite the fact that it wasn’t the first time we were working on the verge of a human body. We’re grateful to the team having shot “Кiно” for very interesting experience – these were the first Magic Five’s tricks demonstrated in the desert, as well as for the opportunity to work with talented costume designers and MUAs – they’d created incredibly bright images for our five», Magic Five shared their impressions from working with ANTYTILA.

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