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PREMIERE! The ANTYTILA band have presented the video on the song «Stand up». The work has become a symbolic conclusion of an extremely successful year for ANTYTILA.
For the band it appeared to be eventful, socially active and very creative. In 2019, a lot of significant events happened: ANTYTILA presented five official videos and the «Hello» album, having been heard live by almost eighty thousand fans during the stadium tour around Ukraine, two Palaces of Sports, four stadiums, and the first gigs in Europe. 
The lead singer of the band Taras Topolia received an honored title of youth ambassador of UNICEF Ukraine, and was awarded with the III class "Order of Merit" by the president of Ukraine. ANTYTILA faced patent troll, having made tones and tempos of the songs his property. They had to defend their right to create freely at the court, and fight for all Ukrainian artists.

The year started from the premiere of the work «Вірила» ('Viryla' / 'You to believe') having received numerous awards during the year, and it finished with the premiere «Stand up». The song was listed in the sixth CD Hello. It was presented by the band in April together with the video on the title song having given the name to the album. The work «Stand up» is a video document of a historical event for the ANTYTILA band - two Palaces of Sports in the capital city ahead totally full. Emotional screenshots of the video convey the real atmosphere prevailing at the band's gigs.

As for the family,  during this year the ANTYTILA band's family grew bigger. The band's musician and manager Serhii Vusyk became a father for the third time! The band's crew also expanded, and today the permanent stuff counts fifteen people, and TOV «ANTYTILA» was nominated for the title «The company of the year 2019» among the best concerns of Ukraine in the category «Theatre and Concert Activity».

«Everything having happened in the year 2019 is a logical result of a big like-minded team's work and another proof that ANTYTILA are on the right way. Our base is a big idea that an artist is for the people and for the good of the people. We sing about life, and we are sincere before our fans in everything we do. Our songs help many people, and give them hope, and theycome to our gigs to feel something more than just melodies, and to join the community of free, educated, and inspired people! All of them are our like-minded people and our biggest treasure!», shared his impressions Taras Topolia.

What about the upcoming year, it's also going to be rich for events. In January, ANTYTILA will continue the story about cancelling nonsensical patent for notes. The "Hello" tour in 2020 goes on and widens its geographical borders. It's going to cover different locations: from theatres to stadiums. The gigs are going to take place in more than fifty cities and towns of Ukraine. ANTYTILA are also going to perform at music venues of other countries: Poland, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, etc. The list of the countries is going to grow bigger. The tickets are already on sale.
We are preparing new song releases and videos.
ANTYTILA have got enough to surprise their fans in the next year.

Happy upcoming holidays!

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