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ANTYTILA have sung in honor of Dania Didik. A special premiere. Within the project «Так працює пам‘ять» (‘Tak pratsiuie pamiat’ / ‘This is how memory works’) the band have presented a remake of the song «Птаха» (‘Ptakha’ / ‘Birdie’) from their first album. An artistic initiative has already lasted for more than 25 weeks, its aim is to eternize the honor of a small but very courageous Ukrainian Danylo Didik having died from terrorist attack through songs, pictures, prose, and poetry.
Let us remind you that February 22, 2015, on the second year of war, on the anniversary of the vicrory of the Revolution of Dignity in Kharkiv there was a walk devoted to the unity of Ukraine. Danylo Didik was also taking part in it. The walk began by the Palace of Sports, the activists have gathered into a column, and went towards the Svobody square, but they managed to walk only 100 meters when the explosion was fired.

The boy was walking in the head of the column, he was close to the explosion epicenter, and got a severe craniocerebral trauma. The trauma led to the coma. The next day, February 23, 2015, Danylo died without regaining consciousness.

The child's life has ended up at the age of fifteen.
On that day, the explosion of the mine having been put by pro-Russian terrorists three more participants of the walk were killed: 
Mykola Melnychuk (18 years old), 
Vadym Rybalchenko (37 years old), 
and Ihor Tolmachov (52 years old).

The initiator of the project Ruslan Horovyi comments:
«There aren't, and there can't ever be such words that would calm Dania's parents' pain. When a child is killed for the freedom and independence, it always means that some of us, adults, has not worked, anticipated or protected enough. Dania's death is a reminding that we are responsible for our every step. And not only before ourselves».
ANTYTILA have completed their music release with Live-video, having been shot in the studio of Bobina Records.

«The song «Птаха» ('Ptakha' / 'Birdie') has received its new life because another life, the life of the child, was taken away by the undeclared war. We can't understand the only thing: why the school where Dania used to study is still not named in his honor?» comments the lead singer of the band Taras Topolia.

Lyrics - Taras Topolia 
Mastering - Maksym Syvolap 
Cameraman / Light - Dmytro Kaminskyi
Editing - Serhii Vusyk 
Colour correction - Alina Borshchova 
"Bobina Records" Recording studio


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