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The ANTYTILA Band Are About to Set Off on Tour to the North America in 2023


One of the most well-known Ukrainian pop-rock bands ANTYTILA are to give a few gigs in the USA and Canada in September and October 2023.

The musicians bring their best songs and the seventh studio album MLNL – the Ukrainians’ favorite songs having become the symbol of faith and hope for the Victory – as well as quality sound and light.

«We’re inviting all Ukrainians in the USA and Canada to our gigs. All this time we’ve been receiving a huge amount of support from there, and we know they’re waiting for us. We’re going to sing the songs being sung today by millions with no exaggeration together as well as talk of the war first-hand. There are Ukrainian groove and Ukrainian soul in our songs!», says the leader of the ANTYTILA band Taras Topolia.

September-October 2023. Tickets are coming soon.

The Ukrainian musicians have swapped their musical instruments for guns since the first day of full-scale invasion and started to protect Ukraine as part of a combat battalion. They took part in battles for Kharkiv oblast, which can be seen in the film produced by BBC.


Soon they sang together with Bono and The Edge from U2, released a collab song and video with Ed Sheeran, and performed together on the same stage a few months ago.

Now, the musicians put their every effort for volunteer projects of their own Charity Foundation also patronizing the children from the deceased militaries’ families of their 130th battalion of territorial defense.

Official website of the ANTYTILA Charity Foundation:


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