Challenging hot weather conditions, a present from the soldiers, six thousand flash-lights at the “Spartak” stadium, and Taras Topolia dressed in vyshyvanka – this is how the “ANTYTILA” band have celebrated the Independence Day. On August, 24, in Odesa, already the fourth gig took place within the successful stadium tour Hello by “ANTYTILA” band, performed across the cities of Ukraine in support of the new album of the same name, says the media office of the band.

In Odesa, it was a special gig, as it fell on a festive day - the Independence Day. The atmosphere at the stadium was respective. A lot of people came to the gig dressed in vyshyvankas and took yellow-and-blue flags with them. It also didn't go without surprises from the band.

Taras Topolia stepped onto a massive stage, five-storeyed house in size, dressed in the designer white vyshyvanka. There was the symbol of life and development embroidered on it - the tree, where the elements symbolized: the roots - the past, the trunk - the present, and the big crown - the future. The fans of "ANTYTILA" from Odesa were happy to hear the song "Завжди моя" ('Zavzhdy moia' / 'Forever mine'), devoted to Ukraine and its defenders.

It's worth to note that the song "Буде син" ('Bude syn' / 'It will be son') from the new album Hello is breaking records in number of views on YouTube official channel of "ANTYTILA" band among the songs not having an official video.

“At first, we were losing our breath from the heat, and then from the love to the people having come. The atmosphere in Odesa was very special. Maybe, it was the festive mood of the Independence Day, or, maybe, Odesa citizens had been waiting for us for long at the stadiums, or maybe, we had missed the drive after Poltava. Or, maybe, everything came together. We remembered how the whole pitch was lifting off to the beat in tandem to the song “Ми”. Nowhere was such a unity”, – Taras Topolia commented.

The “ANTYTILA” band have also received presents from Odesa citizens. The soldiers of the 28th separate mechanized brigade of Odesa named by the Knights of Winter March and the soldiers of the 7th separate signal regiment came to the press conference taking place before the gig.

The soldiers wanted to thank for active support to the soldiers during battling in the east of Ukraine during 5 years and gave a brigade flag as a present together with the commendation for the “ANTYTILA” band.

The stadium tour Hello is going on. On November 17, in the capital city the final gig of the tour is going to take place. “ANTYTILA” invite everyone to the Palace of Sports.

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