We follow the tradition of massive stadium gigs «Hello» and announce a new tour devoted to the upcoming album – MLNL (Millennials).

This February, ANTYTILA are presenting the seventh studio album – MLNL (Millennials).

Millennials are a young and quite wise generation having their own life experience and being aware of what they strive to achieve in spite of their young age. This is the generation creating today’s history right now all over the world and determining their future. They’re adventurous. They’re active. They’re eager to change themselves and the world around. The music of this generation in Ukraine is the ANTYTILA band’s music, because ANTYTILA are exactly millennials.

The MLNL (Millennials) album is pop-rock with interspersed with electronic and classical music.  These are both dance hits and lyrical ballads. After all, the three released singles «Кіно» (‘Movie’), «Маскарад» (‘Masquerade’) and «Стань» (‘Stand’) already show that the album’s going to be a diverse, peculiar music kaleidoscope and the result of the musicians’ studio experiments. Some songs are about to surprise you much.

«We’re working with music program of the tour, the directing of the gig, and light show. We’ve got enough inspiration. However, the general concept of the band remains unchangeable: ANTYTILA are about love in all its manifestations, we’re about the music for the whole family», tells Taras Topolia.

12/05 Kryvyi Rih –
14/05 Dnipro –
21/05 Rivne –
28/05 Ternopil –
04/06 Ivano-Frankivsk –

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