БО Антитіла


    1. Ми починаємо / We're on the Start

    2. Лови момент / Seize the Moment

    3. Stand Up

    4. Лети / Fly

    5. Сарафан / Sundress

    6. Там де ми є / TDME

    7. LEGO

    8. Вірила / You to Believe

    9. Буде син / Gonna Have a Son

    10. HELLO

About album

About album

The ANTYTILA band presented the new album HELLO on 17/04/2019.

We’ve combined synthesizers and orchestras, deep senses and light emotions, dance beats and ballad motives. It’s important that from the very beginning of creating the forthcoming album we had already known what the title song of it would be, we had been understanding that its dramaticism and quite tense lyrics could be perceived hard by the audience. But those goosebumps the song had provoked while listening to it among all people hadn’t left us a choice. So, welcome to the world “Hello”, delve, listen, and sing! Everything’s sincere. And see you at stadium gigs!

The album «Hello» includes ten tracks. Four of them have already gained wide popularity, prestigious awards in the states’s show-industry, and become soundtracks to movies and TV series. These are the songs «TDME», «Лови момент» (‘Lovy moment’ / ‘Seize the moment’), «Lego» and «Вірила» (‘Viryla’ / ‘You to believe’). The album also includes six absolutely new tracks. Each song from the album has its video: an official one or an original audio visual with digitalized musicians’ faces stylized as the album’s cover. Maksym Syvolap has become an arranger and co-author of music to many songs. Dmytro Khomulko (Bobina records) has done the mastering.

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