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Над полюсами

    Метро / Metro

    Generation F

    Ім’я не моє / There's Not My Name

    Над полюсами / Over the Poles

    Олена / Olena

    Засинай мене (мамі) / Fall Me Asleep (To Mummy)

    Хурма / Khurma

    Незалежний / Independent

    Тебе моя невеста / For You My Bride

    Племя / The Tribe

    Полинезийская зима / Polynesian Winter

    Як ангели / Like Angels

    І всю ніч / And All Night Long

    Новини на завтра / News for Tomorrow

    Їдем Їдем / We Go and Go

About album
 Над полюсами

About album

On November 29, in Kyiv Caribbean Club ANTYTILA presented the new album «Над полюсами» (‘Nad poliusamy’ / ‘Over the poles’) and their new concert program. Since an hour before the planned beginning of the gig a looong queue lined up in front of the main entrance to the club, and ANTYTILA’s performance itself began with an hour delay so that all the fans could get inside the Caribbean Club. The album recording was hard and time-expanded. Some songs were written and presented as early as last year and some were finished only a month ago.

With no doubts it can be said that «Над полюсами» is a very important record for ANTYTILA. Still ANTYTILA mark their music development course for the nearest future and finish the evolutional album cycle exactly with this album. Details: http://notatky.com.ua/antytila-nad-polyusamy/

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