БО Антитіла


    Танцюй / Dance

    Два акорди / Two Chords

    Твоє тіло / Your Body

    Лав / Love

    Одинак / Loner

    Люди як кораблі / People Are Like Ships

    Дунай / Danube

    Фари / Headlamps

    Ми / Us

About album

About album

On December 9, the new fifth album by ANTYTILA «Сонце» came out. The work at the album lasted for a year and its main part was recorded during the last three months. Maksym Syvolap has become the arranger and co-author of music to many songs of the album: «It is always interesting to work with «ANTYTILA» because they have the main things which are the taste in music, love for good harmonies, depth and culture of the lyrics. And the main thing I would like to get from the album «Сонце» is freshness in stylistics. But at the same time the aim is to keep the canons of «ANTYTILA» themselves, which means that having some more modern synthesizer parts, drum parts I wanted to leave classic guitar solos and classic schemes of the songs because it’s very familiar to our people many of which grew up on good west music».

Dmytro Khomulko mixed the album («Bobina records»). «ANTYTILA» began their co-working with Dmytro from the album «Все красиво» (‘Vse krasyvo’ / ‘Everything’s lovely’) and since that time the band trusts the mixing of the songs to him only.

Taras Topolia: «As far back as two months ago it was hard to believe that we would manage to release a new album. A very busy schedule placed our plans in doubt but all the creative potential having been gathered during two years just spilt over from us in the studio. Every day we composed and created something. We were experimenting, adding and deleting, building and crashing something. Sometimes we did it from the very beginning but the most important thing is we got a rush of it. Everything was happening as a slam dunk. The songs are very different, some of them have totally opposite emotions. “Сонце” is ANTYTILA familiar to you, but having quality new sound. We were making experiments but we were always keeping those basis our fans admired us for – the sense, sincere lyrics and drive. We wish that you listen to the album as a whole, from the first to the last song. Our country needs something light and hot now, something to push us ahead. We would like to give people some kind of hope in this complicated time».

Today the album «Сонце» is already available on the official website of the band. It includes 9 tracks, three of which have already become famous: «Люди як Кораблі» (‘Liudy yak korabli / ‘People are like ships’), «Танцюй» (‘Tantsiui’ / ‘Dance’) and «Одинак» (‘Odynak’ / ‘Loner’). The album has been released in two different editions – CD and Flash card in DigiPak.

We remind you that in February, 2017, a big all-Ukrainian tour «Сонце» begins, in support of the new album of the same name. ANTYTILA are going to visit more than 35 cities of Ukraine and except the new ones, the fans will be able to hear the beloved songs from the previous albums.

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