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Все красиво

    Все красиво / Everything's Lovely

    Хороша пісня / A Good Song

    Дій / Go for it

    Мені тебе мало / I Lack You

    Лампа / The Lamp

    Ярмо / The Yoke

    У книжках / In Books

    Молоком / With Milk

    Завжди моя / Forever Mine

    Все красиво (DJ Konstantin Ozeroff & DJ Sky Remix)

About album
 Все красиво

About album

«Все красиво» is the 4th album by ANTYTILA.

The CD isn’t conceptual or figured out in advance. The album is spontaneous, intuitive and sincere, it’s the mirror of Ukrainian commonplace.

It has pain and tears, it has smiles and joy, but the main things it has are love and faith in tomorrow. The release of the new album by ANTYTILA «Все красиво» will take place on May 23, 2015, and its production and distribution is led by the Ukrainian record company Comp Music. The main work at recording, mixing and mastering of the album took place on Kyiv studio BOBINA Records led by a sound producer Dmytro Khomulko.


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