БО Антитіла


    1. Рожеві діви / Rosy Maidens

    2. Смотри в меня / Look into Me

    3. Леді / Lady

    4. А море море / Oh the Sea, the Sea

    5. Вибирай / Make a Choice

    6. Невидимка / An Invisible Creature

    7. А я відкривав тебе / And I Have Discovered You

    8. Власний план / Her Own Plan

    9. Біла ворона / Blond Sheep

    10. Місця сили / Places of Power

    11. Ів Кусто / Yves Cousteau

    12. Колискова / Lullaby

    13. Рожеві діви Remix / Rosy Maidens Remix

    14. Ів Кусто Pop vers / Yves Cousteau Pop Edit

About album

About album

In autumn, 2011, ANTYTILA finished their work upon the second album named «Вибирай». The presentation of the album took place in Kyiv after which the band set off for a big promotional tour around the cities and towns of Ukraine. The album «Вибирай» includes 11 songs and 3 bonus tracks among which there is a song in Russian «Смотри в меня» which hit a famous rock hit-parade “Чартова дюжина 13” (“Chart dozen 13″) on Nashe Radio in Russia in 2012 and remained on top for three months.

Taras Topolia: ‘Our second album “Вибирай” is 90 per cent filled with songs in Ukrainian – there is no language prejudice like we want to sing in the language convenient for the listener – we have Russian and English songs as well. What is more, the idea of the album wasn’t simply entertaining but also the social one – for example the songs “Вибирай” and “Невидимка” urging people to give a thought to some things and maybe not to do silly things some time.

Also the album was recorded almost live and it has more powerful vibes than our first record “БудуВуду”. For the presentation of the album in the capital city concert-hall Crystal Hall gathered a good few of ANTYTILA’s fans – from 15-year-old girls to “uncles” with leggy beauties. Also among those eager to listen to the “new blood” of Ukrainian pop-rock stage were the “Скай” band’s soloist Oleh Sobchuk, the choreographers of one of the dance TV shows, the “Новый Союз” hip hop band, the Eurovision 2010 contestant from Ukraine Alyosha, the bands “Диверсанти” and “Пара Нормальних”. Search for details on: http://culture.unian.ua/577240-vibiray-antitila-kontrastna-prezentatsiya-tvereziy-molodi.html

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