БО Антитіла

The Band

Тарас Тополя

Taras Topolia

Vocals, lyrics

Serhii Vusyk

Keyboard, arrangement

Дмитро Водовозов

Dmytro Vodovozov


Dmytro Zholud


Дмитро Жолудь
Михайло Чирко

Mykhailo Chyrko


The History

In summer, 2004, Taras Topolia together with his friends performs his own song of the same name ‘Antytila’ on his Prom Night. It is about the opposites that differ greatly but can’t live without one another. The song’s name will become the name of the band in future, and the meaning of this word will go deeper philosophically.
Education and Dreams

Taras Topolia was born on 21/06/1987 in Kyiv in Podil district, his mother was a teacher and father was a policeman. At the age of 6 he went to music school to study playing the violin, and he continued studying till he entered the University. He studied at 48 gymnasium in Kyiv. During this period he played in string band and sang in the chorus at Revustskyi male chapel choir. This choir was often compared with the Vienna Boys’ Choir. One day being a member of this choir he sang to Pope John Paul II in Vatican.


In senior forms, he organized his first music band. At the beginning, they held their rehearsals in school basement, later they rented some rehearsal facilities. Soon this music band became his primary activity. Taras learnt to play the guitar. He graduated from the University of Internal Affairs specializing in legal science. As most of the future members of the band Taras dreams about the big stage and has no idea that soon, in 2007, they will gather into a strong rock band with an incredibly interesting life!

The First ‘Chance’
The whole Ukraine gathers in front of the TV sets every Sunday during several years to watch the music programme ‘Chance’ on the Inter TV channel, where young talented singers performing the others’ hits get the opportunity to reach the big stage. ANTYTILA take part in the project and for the first time in history of the TV programme perform not somebody’s song but their own one “Я не забуду першу ніч” (‘Ya ne zabudu pershu nich’ / ‘I won’t forget the first night’). The band doesn’t win but it gets more – the Ukrainian youth’s love. The song “Я не забуду першу ніч” was downloaded from the band’s website 30 000 times right away after the broadcast and ‘Prosto-radio’ radio station puts the track into wide rotation.
The First Tour
‘Speka music’ company invites ANTYTILA to take part in the open-air tour around Ukraine. The audience on the squares of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Uman, Sumy, Cherkasy sing together with ANTYTILA, having seen the band’s debut on the big stage.

In winter Taras leaves the band, taking the name ‘Antytila’ with him.

In spring 2008, the contemporary staff of ANTYTILA is formed – the one that everybody got used to see on the screens and posters during the recent years. Taras Topolia and the drummer Oleksii Skuridin remain from the former staff.

An excellent musician Serhii Vusyk, being Taras Topolia’s friend and colleague, joins the band. He takes upon himself the electronic component of the band’s sound. Viktor Raievskyi takes bass. He believes in the band and completes it professionally. The guitarist Nikita Chukhriienko joins them. This is how today’s ANTYTILA form. Olena Krasko takes the management upon herself. Everything is new. From scratch! The year 2008 exactly is considered a birth date of today’s ANTYTILA band.

The Contract

ANTYTILA spend half a year on a rehearsal base and studio, creating and recording new songs. During this period, the band receives proposals for cooperation from several prominent producing centers. After reviewing the contracts, ANTYTILA refuse them all until they receive an invitation from “Catapult Music”. All the terms reported by the company satisfy both sides, and in summer ANTYTILA sign their first producing contract.

Videos, Debut Album

During the summer and autumn of 2008, ANTYTILA shoot the first videos for the songs “Маямі” (‘Miami’) and “Будувуду” (‘Buduvudu’), and release their debut album “Будувуду” (‘Buduvudu’) which includes 16 tracks. The band’s songs hit the TV screens for the first time and the video «Будувуду» reaches the top in the video-parade on the chief music channel of the country ‘M1’ after only two weeks!

Перлини сезону

Also in summer ANTYTILA become the winners of the cult Ukrainian festival of young performers – “Перлини сезону” (‘Perlyny sezonu’ / ‘Pearls of the season’), among all the finalists for the last 14 years of its existence, which some time ago was the start of such bands as ‘Ocean Elzy’, ‘TNMK’, ‘TARTAK’.

“Непопса” Award, the Best Debut of the Year

In winter, the rock radio ‘Jam-FM’ admits the band ANTYTILA the best debut of the year from the results of the polls, rewards it with the prize ‘Непопса!’ (‘Nepopsa’ / ‘Non-pop’) and hands a bronze statuette in the shape of an electric plug. The famous radio presenter Oleksandr Stasov enlists the team to a series of ‘non-pop’ concerts.

М-TV Tour

Supporting the rapid start of the band, M-TV Channel Ukraine calls for ANTYTILA to all-Ukrainian tour “Запуль зірку в Ліверпуль” (‘Zapul zirku v Liverpul’ / ‘Pull a star to Liverpool’). Together with the bands ‘SKYE’, ‘Boombox’, ‘Druha Rika’, ‘Quest Pistols’, ‘Novyy soyuz’ ANTYTILA travel around Ukraine giving massive open-air concerts.

The Art Olympus

The leading art figures pay attention to ANTYTILA and contribute them to the annual printed almanac ‘Art Olympus 2008-2009’ for the preservation of Ukrainian music in contemporary youth culture. Read: Київський Рок Клуб.

European Music Awards 2009
ANTYTILA end up in the top five nominees from Ukraine of the EMA, M-TV Channel Europe.
New Videos
While still taking part in a creative process and concert activity, ANTYTILA shoot a few videos of the songs from the first album “Бери своє” (‘Bery svoie’ / ‘Take your course’) as well as of the singles from the forthcoming album “Вибирай” (‘Vybyrai’ / ‘Make a choice’) and “Рожеві діви” (‘Rozhevi divy’ / ‘Rosy maidens’). The videos hit the music TV channels’ broadcasts and are rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet and social networks. That’s when the guys get acquainted with the video director Oleksandr Kovtun, together with whom a large-scale project “Невидимка” (‘Nevydymka’ / ‘Invisible creature’) will make start in the future.

Leaving «Catapult-music»
In summer, ANTYTILA stop the collaboration with the company ‘Catapult Music’ as well as with the manager and at that time the executive producer Olena Krasko with the consent of all parties. The musicians and the former Prod Center break up, remaining friends, and continue their development separately. Further management of the band is responsibly undertaken by the keyboardist and arranger of ANTYTILA – Serhii Vusyk.
Europe, «Sziget»
On one of the hottest days of July the call of Andrii Ureniov, at that time, the main producer of M-TV Channel, first discovered Europe before ANTYTILA or ANTYTILA before Europe. Andrii said that the guys had been chosen to represent Ukraine at the Supermassive Festival of central Europe – Sziget from the results of all-Ukrainian voting. On the island of Sziget in Budapest, where ANTYTILA went off with a concert, over 700 000 music lovers from all over Europe gather every year. The band performed as the headliner for the MTV-Stage on the fifth day of the festival. Read Фокус.
With the appearance of new songs ANTYTILA also create new videos. In autumn, with the support of Ihor Zakharchenko’s company “Феєрія мандрів” (‘Feiieriia mandriv’ / ‘Travelling fantasy’), the band flies off to Tel Aviv. The video for the song “Біла ворона” (‘Bila vorona’ / ‘The white crow’) becomes the result of the trip.
The First Winter Tour. The Initiation of Traditions
In winter, the band leaves for the first club tour around the cities of Ukraine – from Donetsk to Lviv, from Chernihiv to Simferopol. Everywhere ANTYTILA are greeted by thankful fans who join in singing well-learnt “я буду буду шаманом вуду вуду…”. It wasn’t popular to carry out tours in late winter back then. ANTYTILA start initiating the traditions.
A few songs of the band become soundtracks to the Russian film «Прятки» (‘Priatki’ / ‘Hide-and-seek’). And the musicians are shot in the film in the role of … themselves – the band ANTYTILA, rocking at the camera to the “Будувуду” (‘Buduvudu’)!
New Drummer
The drummer Oleksii Skuridin leaves ANTYTILA. Instead, the real ‘drum machine’ in human form joins the band, a blast of energy and groove with the longest beard in Ukraine – Erland Syvolapov. Now the team has two Syvolaps. Max Sivolap – ANTYTILA’s old-timer, arranger and unchangeable member of the band, and Erland Syvolapov – a new drummer!
In summer, a grand event takes place in Ukraine – the stage of world championship race ‘Formula-1’ on water ‘F1H2O’. Kyiv reservoir becomes the destination surface of the battles. The organizers of the competition appeal to the band with an offer to perform for the guests and write the official anthem of the Ukrainian stage of the race as well. ANTYTILA eagerly accept it! This way the song ‘F1H2O’ and subsequently the video appear.


The Second Album
In autumn ANTYTILA end up working on the second album that gets called “Вибирай” (‘Vybyrai’ / ‘Make a choice’).
And, at all numerous requests from fans, they loudly bring it in live performance in the concert-hall ‘Crystal Hall’ in Kyiv then leaving for the Promo-tour around the cities of Ukraine. This time the album includes 11 tracks and 3 bonuses, including “Смотри в меня” (‘Smotri v menya’ / ‘Look into me’) in Russian. The concept of the CD excels being social-oriented and having heavier sound, and in their songs, in addition to love lyrics, ANTYTILA affect acute social themes.


‘Chart Dozen’

The first ANTYTILA’s Russian single “Смотри в меня” (‘Smotri v menya’ / ‘Look into me’) hits the famous Russian rock hit parade ‘Chart dozen’ of the ‘Nashe Radio’ radio station and remains in the ‘tops’ for three months! Critics point out that for the first time at a long period the young Ukrainian band making their debut immediately captivates the present-day Russian audience. Some of the fans begin to reproach the band with the presence of a Russian song in the repertoire and encourages guys to doubts about the correctness of their step. However, when in Lviv the absolutely full hall during a solo recital all together starts to demand “Смотри в меня”, all the guys’ doubts disperse! It becomes clear for sure that honest music is apolitical!


The cult director Viktor Pryduvalov after a long creative pause shoots the video for the song «Смотри в меня» (‘Smotri v menya’ / ‘Look into me’), where he appears in the leading role of his own video for the first time! The video immediately hits many music channels. The fans are talking about a new stage in the development of the band.

Ada Rohovtseva

ANTYTILA’s song «А я відкривав тебе» (‘A ya vidkryvav tebe’ / ‘And I have discovered you’) becomes the soundtrack to the film “Собачий вальс” (‘Sobachyi vals’ / ‘Canine Waltz’) with Ada Rohovtseva in the leading role. The film goes down in the movie anthology ‘Lovers in Kyiv’. Also a new video appears.

Summer Hit

Having experienced the early warm spring, the leader of the band, Taras Topolia together with the arranger Maksym Syvolap write the song “І всю ніч” (‘I vsiu nich’ / ‘And all night long’). A few weeks – and it already sounds in the air of almost all radio stations. ANTYTILA, wasting no time, shoot the video. The song becomes the main 2012 Ukrainian summer hit.  

Open-air tour 2012. Drummer Change
In autumn, the crew sets off for a massive open-air tour in support of a well-known world boxer Vitalii Klychko. More than twenty gigs from the east to the west where ANTYTILA appear as headliners accompanying Vitalii.
During the tour unexpectedly for ANTYTILA but quite expectedly for Dnipropetrovsk being a big cultural centre for long a meeting with Denys Shvets takes place. Denys was a drummer of a number of bands in Dnipropetrovsk as well as of the cult band “И друг мой грузовик” (‘I drug moy gruzovik’ / ‘And the truck, a friend of mine’). The meeting caused an interesting course of events and a few weeks later Erland Syvolapov leaves ANTYTILA being obsessed with hard music and Denys Shvets changes him at the drums.
Feat. ‘Tabula Rasa’
Actively taking part in social life of the country ANTYTILA of course don’t stop creating. That is how a collab recording with the ‘Tabula Rasa’ band appears – the song “Полінезійська зима” (“Polyneziiska zyma” / ‘Polinezian winter’) and soon the video on it appears! Co-working of nowadays ANTYTILA with kind of legends of Ukrainian pop-rock, the ‘Tabula Rasa’ band, gives an excellent creative result and very soon the song is heard on air of many radio stations, and the majority of music channels take the video to broadcast.


With no breaks in creative and concert processes Serhii Vusyk, the keyboardist and arranger of the band, appears as the composer to the collaboration of Ukrainian and Nigerian filmmakers – the film “Feathered dreams”. The film’s first night took place in Cannes.

Moscow, Video on “Тебе моя невеста”
ANTYTILA invited by a famous producer Leonid Burlakov (Zemfira, Mumiy Troll) set off for Russia with a solo recital in the legendary club “16 tons”. A crowded hall joins in singing Ukrainian which surprises the band greatly and inspires to compose new songs. On return, ANTYTILA present the single “Тебе моя невеста” (‘Tebe moya nevesta’ / ‘For you my bride’) at once and show not an ordinary video but a real action film. The video immediately gains plenty of excited feedbacks and hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube!


The “МОВА” Tour
From February until May 2013, following a good tradition a big winter to spring club tour named “МОВА” (‘MOVA’ / ‘SPEECH’) took place. ANTYTILA put all the best notions uniting people into this word, everything which gives them strength and opportunity for self-expression. They were 25 cities and towns, thousands of people, smiles and of course sincere live music! The main peculiarity of the tour except the new songs and distinctive energy became its title song getting the same name “МОВА” (‘MOVA’ / ‘SPEECH’). In every city or town where ANTYTILA perform a gig directly this song’s performance is filmed. Right after finishing the final gig in an overcrowded “Tolstoy” club (in Kyiv) the keyboardist and arranger of the band Serhii Vusyk edits the video using all video material from the tour. It is a real concert video having the band’s fans in the leading roles. It hasn’t been without a director’s edition of the video. It gains broadcasts in spring 2013, and brings joy to the director Oleksii Verenchyk as well as to ANTYTILA and all their fans!
“16 tons” and “Hit Band”
Early 2013 also has a number of important events for the band. ANTYTILA are nominated in 4 categories of the music award “Chartova Dyuzhina” established by “Nashe Radio Moscow” for achievements in rock’n’roll. The band also gives their first and very successful gig in Russia, in a legendary club in Moscow “16 tons”. To everyone’s surprise, a crowded hall joins in singing the band’s hits in Ukrainian.



On May 17, ANTYTILA get the prize in the nomination “Hit Band of the Year” on the national ceremony “Українська пісня року” (‘Ukrainian Song of the Year’).

During 2013 ANTYTILA present some more quality videos – the video «Їдем-їдем» (‘Yidem-yidem’ / ‘We go and go’) in May and the video «Як ангели» (‘Yak anhely’ / ‘Like angels’) in August.

“Над полюсами” Album

At last on November 29, 2013, an overcrowded Kyiv club «Caribbean Club» hosts the concert-presentation of the new album by ANTYTILA “Над полюсами” (‘Nad poliusamy’ / ‘Over the poles’).

The third album contains 15 songs, and its distribution is led by the famous Ukrainian record company Comp Music. The song «Незалежний» (‘Nezalezhnyi’ / ‘Independent’) from the new album became one of the most significant songs during December events in Kyiv and was heard from the Euromaidan more than once. By the way, ANTYTILA themselves didn’t hide their social stand and performing on the Euromaidan stage supported everyone who upheld the principles of real civil society. Some music critics name this album prophetical, because many songs in their contents forgo those events beginning to take place within the country.


“Над полюсами” Tour

Early 2014 was marked by a new video on the title song of the album and a big international tour of the same name “Над полюсами” (‘Nad poliusamy’ / ‘Over the poles’). The tour began on January 9, in Minsk followed by Moscow, St. Petersburg, and overcrowded venues of Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and more than 20 other Ukrainian cities. In spite of the fact that due to a difficult political situation a lot of musicians decided to pause their concert activity ANTYTILA’s position about it was fundamental – the tour “Над полюсами” will go on to the last point. But with the aggravation of events in Ukraine and Crimea’s annexation, ANTYTILA cancel a few gigs in western Ukraine after all and on May 23, 2014, the band marks the ending of the massive international tour “Над полюсами” having lasted more than 4 months with an epic gig in Kyiv extra-modern concert hall Sentrum.

A huge queue made up by the most loyal fans next to the Sentrum’s entrance suggested that it would be hot inside! ANTYTILA presented their fans with an exclusive show with their specially invited friends-musicians and lots of surprises. Outrageous cosmic female dancers, charming backing vocalists, stringed quartet and charismatic percussionist – those were the main components of a successful ending show of the tour «Над полюсами». There were also a white grand piano, special visuals on a huge screen, a big Ukrainian flag low by the stage, choral singing with the whole hall, an encore and more than 2 hours of drive, emotions and fabulous feelings!

New Bassist. THE WAR

In late spring, the leader of ANTYTILA Taras Topolia together with Serhii Vusyk began to carry on volunteer work seriously. They gathered funds, bought equipment, electronics, and medicines necessary for Ukrainian soldiers and themselves took them to the battle zone. During the executing of ATO the amount of necessary help brought to the front line reaches the sum of almost 700 000 hryvnias. Before this, Taras Topolia supported and rose up the initiative “Evacuation Crimea” and later on founded the charity fund Vilni.UA together with friends and like-minded people. At the same time, during the summer ANTYTILA played a number of gigs in Ukraine on various festivals and open-airs and in autumn brought solo recitals to the cities they didn’t visit within the winter to spring tour «Над полюсами».

Because of the contradictions in political views and due to the change of the place of residence, in June 2015, Viktor Raievskyi leaves the band and soon moves to Russia, and the new bassist’s place becomes undertaken by Nikita Astrakhantsev.

Dmytro Khomulko “Bobina Records” and Kadim Tarasov “Chupacabra Production”

In early November, with a new staff ANTYTILA begin to work at the new, fourth album in order. Searching for fresh sound ANTYTILA meet Dmytro Khomulko – «BOBINA Records» – together with whom they experimentalize and look for different variants of new sounding. Thereafter this meeting will develop into profitable vocational and friendly relationships.

On December 4, 2014, the radio premiere of the first single from the new CD takes place. This is the song «Завжди моя» (‘Zavzhdy moia’/ ‘Forever mine’). The new song has a familiar flavour but sounds a bit differently – harder. And on January 26, 2015, ANTYTILA presented the video on this track. A famous Ukrainian director Kadim Tarasov was responsible for bringing the idea of the video to life. The video «Завжди моя» (‘Zavzhdy moia’/ ‘Forever mine’) is the dedication for Ukraine and its true patriots. The musicians of ANTYTILA took on the role of metaphoric heroes, which personified the strength of Ukrainian spirit and the indestructibility of Ukrainian nation in struggle for their own liberty and peaceful life.

4th Album “Все красиво”
On March 25, 2015, one of the main events in the musical world of Ukraine took place. It was the fourth annual ceremony of YUNA music award. Being nominated in the category «The Best Band», ANTYTILA performed live on the ceremony and sang the song «Над полюсами».



In May, Taras Topolia took part in the concerts of honour of Kuzma Skriabin who died tragically in a car accident on February 2, 2015. Together with the Skriabin band’s musicians Taras sang the song «Люди як кораблі» (‘Liudy yak korabli’ / ‘People are like the ships’) during the concerts in Kyiv Palace of Sports and on the stadium Arena Lviv.

May 23, 2015. This is the date of the release of the new album «Все красиво» (‘Vse krasyvo’ / ‘Everything’s lovely’).

The main work at recording, mixing and mastering of the album took place on Kyiv studio BOBINA Records led by a sound producer Dmytro Khomulko.
The album «Все красиво» contains 10 tracks. The presentation of the album and new epic concert program took place in one of the best Kyiv clubs Sentrum.

Мені тебе мало

In September 2015, Kadim Tarasov creates the second, quite unusual, interesting and intriguing video on the song «Мені тебе мало» (‘Meni tebe malo’ / ‘I’m short of you’) for ANTYTILA. The video manages to be strong and provocative. Kadim Tarasov together with the main heroes of the video or more clearly shaped a short-length movie, Serhii Vusyk and «Playboy» star Valeriia Lakhina, realise a downright script, incredibly disclosing the lyrics sense, provoking numerous talks, but leaving nobody indifferent. Soon in music creative circle, this video work is non-officially marked as one of the best in Ukrainian show business. Kadim Tarasov also works at a short-length movie, which has a new video work as a basis.

АТО / У книжках

During all this time, the musicians and their friends go on their volunteer work, and on the way home from the ATO zone Taras gradually creates the song “У книжках” (‘U knyzhkakh’ / ‘In books’). The future hit becomes one of the most important and dramatic tracks by ANTYTILA. Soon a long-time friend of the band, a Lviv director Volodymyr Shurubura shoots the video for this song using Taras Topolia’s script. Nobody can hold tears after watching the new video. This song touches the thinnest strings of the soul of every person. People cry in comments in social networks.

Top-billed Tour “Все красиво”
The further release of the video on the song «Молоком» (‘Molokom’ / ‘With milk’), director – Oleksandr Shvets) emphasizes the diversity of ANTYTILA’s music and lyrics as well as the skill of involving talented directors for co-operation feeling the band’s music completely again.
After all, the collected music and video material as well as recently presented album «Все красиво» puts the band up to set off for a tour in its support. The tour traditionally started with a concert in Lviv. This is when ANTYTILA gather more than 35 full halls and 6 Sold Outs around the whole country and abroad for the first time within solo recitals.


So on completing the winter-spring tour «Все красиво», it becomes clear that the band’s popularity is growing and the new important stage of creative life looms ahead.
The new guitarist Dmytro Zholud enters the band.

5th album “Сонце”

Autumn 2016: after the summer festival season, premieres of the song and video «Танцюй» (‘Tantsiui’ / ‘Dance’) and serious work at the studio, ANTYTILA band present the new album «Сонце» with no pauses. The album was presented in two different editions – usual Audio-CD and Flash card with exclusive additional content from the band packed in Digipack.

The CD contains 9 tracks including «Танцюй» (‘Tantsiui’ / ‘Dance’), «Одинак» (‘Odynak’ / ‘Loner’), the rehash of the song «Люди як кораблі» (‘Liudy yak korabli’ / ‘People are like the ships’) by «Скрябін». Soon the song «Одинак» becomes a soundtrack to the series of the same name on «2+2» TV channel with Oleksii Horbunov playing the main part, and the director Viktor Pryduvalov entertains the band’s suggestion and shoots the video on this song.

“СОНЦЕ” Tour and National Concert Record
Spring 2017: the band sets off for a massive tour in support of the album «Сонце». A strong live show was heard and seen by 40 towns and cities of Ukraine and Belarus, and 10 cities in the USA and Canada. The concerts were visited by more than 50 000 fans.
The Crew’s Strengthening. Friendship
Autumn 2017, passes by with preparations of new releases also being marked with certain changes in the band’s staff. The rhythm-section of the crew is recast with two strong musicians – Dmytro Vodovozov and Mykhailo Chyrko. Denys Shvets’ and Mykyta Astrakhantsev’s places become undertaken by them, for their part having decided to try themselves in other music projects.
Там де ми є (TDME)
In September, 2017, ANTYTILA start co-operating with the “УМИГ Мьюзік” label, and in winter, after autumnal work in the studio, the band presents the song «TDME» (‘Where We Are’) soon presenting the Lyric-video and official video on it. The track’s success brings the first stages in Ukrainian charts to the band; the «1+1» TV channel uses the song as a soundtrack to the youth TV series «Школа» (‘Shkola’ / ‘The School’).


USA / Canada
At the beginning of the year 2018, ANTYTILA announce the new tour around the USA and Canada, get a range of suggestions to perform concerts in Europe, become the nominees of the National Music Award “YUNA – 2018” in the categories «The Best Rock-Band» and “The Best Album” (“Сонце”) working at the new album together with Maksym Syvolap, the presentation of which is planned for the autumn, 2018.
The Band’s 10 Years Old
In the course of the tour around America, ANTYTILA find out that they’ve gained the award “Золота Жар-Птиця” (‘Zolota Zhar-Ptytsia’) nominated as the best rock band. In June 2018, the ANTYTILA band turn 10 years old!
A loud celebration took place on the ship in the heart of Kyiv on the Dnipro river with closest friends, colleagues, and loyal friends. On this day, the chronicle movie comes having become a surprise for fans, musicians, and management of the band.
The movie:

Traditionally, the ANTYTILA band met the summer with the most powerful Ukrainian festivals where they took part as headliners on the main stages.
There were few those people who knew that but at the same period of time, an important premiere for the band was being prepared and the shooting for the song «Лови момент» (‘Lovy moment’ / ‘Seize the moment’) were taking place.
Лови момент

After a huge success of the song and videos (official and lyric one) «TDME», in August the ANTYTILA band present the second work from the forthcoming album «Hello» – «Лови момент» (‘Lovy moment’ / ‘Seize the moment’).

The video «Seize the moment» is based on sincerity and from the beginning till the end is soaked with metaphors – in the manner of ANTYTILA. Human relations became the main message of the video – wholeness and unity – what humans can’t survive on the Earth without.

This time there are no actors or performances. The musicians have presented their families to the wide audience for the first time. The leader Taras Topolia has appeared on the screens with his wife Olena (a famous singer Alyosha) as well as all the other members of the band with their relatives.

«Лови момент (‘Lovy monent’ / ‘Seize the moment’)» is some kind of a sequel to the video «TDME». These series will end with the next song from the upcoming album «Hello».

Dmytro Manifest was the director of the shooting having had no fear of difficulties together with the ANTYTILA team and having covered this very complicated route. This video appeared to be the last collaboration of Dmytro and the ANTYTILA team. Two years after, the whole show business suffered a great loss as due to a severe cancer Dmytro Manifest passed away.


In November, ANTYTILA presented the video on the song «LEGO», the main official soundtrack for the new movie by «Квартал 95» studio «Я, ти, він, вона» (‘Me, You, Him, Her”), having been released on New Year’s Eve 2019.

After the successful short-length videos «TDME» and «Лови момент» (‘Lovy moment’ / ‘Seize the moment’) with strong sense, the ANTYTILA band have presented their fans a dynamic and bright work «LEGO». The band’s creative work is closely related to cinematography. Most tracks have become soundtracks to movies or TV series. The new song «LEGO» is one of such tracks.

Another fact is that it was the first time when the sixth member of the ANTYTILA band Maksym Syvolap, a composer, a co-author, and a friend of the band, took part in the shooting.

At the very last moment at the shooting stage, the crew finds out that Volodymyr Zelenskyi, a famous Ukrainian comic, scriptwriter and actor, will also join the shooting; and after a few months he will announce his intention to become the President of Ukraine.

The song «LEGO» was included in ANTYTILA’s sixth album «HELLO».

Announcing the Stadium Tour

After having presented the video LEGO, the band have announced the stadium tour around the cities of Ukraine. The following cities were planned: Lviv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Odesa, and the final of the tour in the Palace of Sports in Kyiv.

One year and a half of preparation, an exclusive stage, light, director’s fantasies and the show were surprising.

The songs being favorite for millions of fans around the country and abroad were first played at the stadiums.

ANTYTILA sang together with dozens of thousands of kindred spirit people. The greatest extended music program through the history of the band accompanied by warm summer sky and bright show was prepared.

The program was based on the songs from the sixth album «Hello», released in February the next year, as well as on the best hits through the history of the band.


In January 2019, an important premiere for the band takes place: the song and official video “Вірила!

«Вірила» (‘Viryla’ / ‘You to believe’) was the fourth single from the album «Hello».

ANTYTILA always surprise everyone with their video works full with senses and symbols. The video «Вірила» is not an exception. The video is set upon the idea resonating in every person. In order to bring their ideas to life, ANTYTILA have covered the way of ten thousand kilometers. The shooting took place in Ukraine and Portugal, not far from Lisbon, and in the municipality Cabeceiras de Basto near Fafe. One of the locations of the scene drawing attention to it is a stone house Casa do Penedo, or «Flinstones’ House». It is one of the top-10 most extraordinary buildings of the world. Its uniqueness consists in the fact that the house looks like a rock on the top of a desolate hill. Enormous boulders serve a few walls of the house. In Ukraine, the scenes in the carpentry unit were filmed. The scene designer Viktor Buchkovskyi had made this location intentionally for shooting the video.

Serhii Vusyk, Yurii Aliksieienko and Taras Topolia became directors of the video.

The song «Вірила» will be included in the sixth album of the ANTYTILA band «Hello».

In the early 2019, the band’s producer Serhii Vusyk has the third child, a baby-daughter Marta.


April 2019: ANTYTILA have a double premiere symbolically on the Cosmonautics Day.

The release of the sixth album «Hello» the songs from which had already become people’s hits at that time and sounded around the whole Ukraine and even other continents takes place together with the premiere of the video on its title song. Ukrainians called most of the songs and videos from this album prophetical.

About the video «Hello»

The plot was based on a post-Apocalyptic story. The main hero played by Oleksii Verenchyk, a frontman of the band Detach, is coming back to the planet Earth after a nuclear Apocalypse to check if it is habitat for life. Oleksii has not just played the main role but also acted as a director.

After the premieres of the video and album, the ANTYTILA band goes on their intensive preparation for the stadium tour around the cities of Ukraine being about to start in a month.


May 25. Lviv. «Lviv Arena» Stadium. The first gig of the stadium tour Hello. 20 000 of fans who consider ANTYTILA more than just music. That was one of the most important days in the history of the band, without exaggerations.

The First Stadium Gig of the Band

Two hours and a half, about 20 000 people were singing together with ANTYTILA at «Lviv Arena». Excellent technical and stage equipment and hits favorite for millions of people around the whole world, live sound and sincere words of the front man Taras Topolia from the stage, almost two years of the crew’s work with more than one hundred people, implementing courageous ideas and direction, and modern visualization were there. However, there also were obstacles! The weather forecast had promised us raining, and somebody supposed that sport and football match on the new pitch cover of the stadium was more important than music. ANTYTILA managed to fix everything and defend the gig, having though accepted the limits according the half of the stadium and minimizing the threats for the pitch cover and the upcoming match of the National team of Ukraine.

At the same period, ANTYTILA realize an international collaboration and present a Ukrainian version of the song “Symphony” by the famous British band Clean Bandit and release the song “Символи”, having  brought Ukrainian colors to the British hit as well as ANTYTILA’s brand sounding.

In June, ANTYTILA gather stadiums in Kharkiv and Poltava and celebrate the 2019 Independence Day of Ukraine with their fans in Odesa.

In the early autumn, understanding that the tickets for the final tour gig on November 17 in Kyiv’s Palace of Sports had been sold out ANTYTILA announce the additional gig on November 16. A month before the final gigs of the first part of Hello tour, the ANTYTILA band present a new official video. This time ANTYTILA filmed the most romantic song – «Буде син» (‘Bude syn” / ‘Gonna have a son’). This was the fifth track from the album «Hello» having received video support.

Буде син

The song «Буде син» has become a record holder by the number of playbacks since the LP was released. On ANTYTILA’s YouTube channel, it has gained more than half a million of views, and the fans have named it «the main soundtrack to the first dance of the married, 2019». During six months, ANTYTILA had received a great amount of videos where the married were dancing their first dance exactly to «Буде син». These home videos had inspired ANTYTILA for an idea to the official video being familiar to many people: birth of a new family, procreation, and, of course, cooperation in work and sincere cheerful emotions from the opportunity to be together.

The members of the ANTYTILA band, Taras Topolia and Serhii Vusyk, have directed the video.

Stand Up

Right after the final gig of the Hello tour in the Palace of Sports, the ANTYTILA band announce a massive all-Ukrainian and European «Hello» with gigs in 50 Ukrainian cities and towns as well as in Poland and Czech Republic.

The ANTYTILA band presented the video on the song «Stand up». The work became a symbolic conclusion of an extremely successful year for ANTYTILA.

For the band, it appeared to be eventful, socially active and very creative. In 2019, many significant events happened: ANTYTILA presented five official videos and the «Hello» album, having been heard live by almost eighty thousand fans during the stadium tour around Ukraine, two Palaces of Sports, four stadiums, and the first gigs in Europe.

The lead singer of the band Taras Topolia received an honored title of youth ambassador of UNICEF Ukraine, and was awarded with the III class “Order of Merit” by the president of Ukraine. ANTYTILA faced patent troll, having made tones and tempos of the songs his property. They had to defend their right to create freely at the court, and fight for all Ukrainian artists.

The year started from the premiere of the work «Вірила» (‘Viryla’ / ‘You to believe’) having received numerous awards during the year, and it finished with the premiere «Stand up». The song was listed in the sixth CD Hello. It was presented by the band in April together with the video on the title song having given the name to the album. The work «Stand up» is a video document of a historical event for the ANTYTILA band – two Palaces of Sports in the capital city ahead totally full.

Emotional screenshots of the video convey the real atmosphere prevailing at the band’s gigs.

As for the family, during this year the ANTYTILA band’s family grew bigger. The band’s musician and manager Serhii Vusyk became a father for the third time! The band’s crew also expanded, and today the permanent stuff counts fifteen people, and «ANTYTILA» LLC was nominated for the title «The company of the year 2019» among the best concerns of Ukraine in the category «Theatre and Concert Activity».

«Everything having happened in the year 2019 is a logical result of a big like-minded team’s work and another proof that ANTYTILA are on the right way.

Our base is a big idea that an artist is for the people and for the good of the people. We sing about life, and we are sincere before our fans in everything we do. Our songs help many people, and give them hope, and they come to our gigs to feel something more than just melodies, and to join the community of free, educated, and inspired people! All of them are our like-minded people and our biggest treasure!», shared his impressions Taras Topolia.


In the early February, ANTYTILA release a special premiere.

Within the project «Так працює пам‘ять» (‘Tak pratsiuie pamiat’ / ‘This is how memory works’) the band have presented a remake of the song «Птаха» (‘Ptakha’ / ‘Birdie’) from their first album.

On February 22, 2015, on the second year of war, on the anniversary of the victory of the Revolution of Dignity in Kharkiv there was a walk devoted to the unity of Ukraine.

Danylo Didik was also taking part in it. The walk began by the Palace of Sports, the activists have gathered into a column, and went towards the Svobody square, but they managed to walk only 100 meters when the explosion was fired.

The boy was walking in the head of the column, he was close to the explosion epicenter, and got a severe craniocerebral trauma. The trauma led to the coma. The next day, February 23, 2015, Danylo died without regaining consciousness.

The child’s life has ended up at the age of fifteen.

On that day, the explosion of the mine having been put by pro-Russian terrorists three more participants of the walk were killed: Mykola Melnychuk (18 years old), Vadym Rybalchenko (37 years old), and Ihor Tolmachov (52 years old).

«The song «Птаха» (‘Ptakha’ / ‘Birdie’) has received its new life because another life, the life of the child, was taken away by the undeclared war. We can’t understand the only thing: why the school where Dania used to study is still not named in his honor?» comments the lead singer of the band Taras Topolia.

All-Ukrainian Tour Hello

The all-Ukrainian tour HELLO starts on February 14. ANTYTILA managed to perform 21 gigs with the final one of them on March 10, in the Palace of Sports in Kharkiv, and on March 12, the whole Ukraine enters the long-lasting period of the Coved pandemics having lasted more than one year.

To be honest, this concert break was useful for all the band members. Busy gig schedules of the ANTYTILA band hadn’t let them spend enough time with their families, so three-months concert break made it possible to dedicate that time to families and have rest.

In April, it becomes known that Taras Topolia and his beloved wife, a Ukrainian singer Alyosha are going to have the third baby, a girl.


In June 2020, the ANTYTILA band set off for shooting to a Ukrainian Sahara desert – Oleshky sands in Kherson oblast – and begin filming the official video on the song “Кіно” (‘Kino’ / ‘Movie’). That’s the first fruit from the forthcoming album “MLNL”.

A story being light at first sight has a deep meaning. The story it was set upon repeats from generation to generation, through thousands of years. The whole spectrum of people’s feelings: mercy and hatred, betrayal and self-sacrifice, good and evil, rapture and contempt – everything’s like in our lives. The video is full of metaphors, allegories and symbols being always inherent for ANTYTILA’s creativity.

ANTYTILA were the first artists in Ukraine having dared to massively implement the stylistics of the Steampunk genre in a music video. About one hundred costumes, perfected up; a multi-ton circus decoration in the desert built from the ground; Taras Topolia’s drastic transformation; real tricks from Magic Five – all these is there.

In August 2020, Taras Topolia and his wife, a singer Alyosha have their third child, a baby-daughter Mariia Topolia.

In October 2020, ANTYTILA were the first to make a decision to continue their all-Ukrainian tour and give gigs within the new reality – with limitations and quarantine standards starting to perform 2 gigs a day, and sometimes even 3 gigs in 2 days in one city. Until November 2020, ANTYTILA had performed gigs in 10 more cities and towns of Ukraine.

Late in the year, the ANTYTILA band takes part in New Year and Christmas shootings and release a few Ukrainian carols: “Щедрик”, “Небо і Земля”.

Hello. The Tour Goes On

The ANTYTILA band updates and continues the tour «Hello». During the year 2021, the ANTYTILA band will perform their gigs in more than 25 cities and towns of Ukraine.

The band also starts to tell about the realias of Ukrainian tours in the Tour’s Diaries.

Hello Tour’s Diaries:

In May, the ANTYTILA band’s leader takes part in the massive international project by Oleksandr Ponomariov “12 мов Христос Воскрес” (‘Jesus Has Risen in 12 Languages’) in which Taras Topolia performs a world-renowned troparian “Христос Воскрес” (‘Jesus Has Risen’) in English.

In June 2021, the ANTYTILA band’s song becomes the anthem of the national Olympic exercise minute.


During breaks between the gigs, ANTYTILA organize a new massive filming of the video on the song “Маскарад” (‘Maskarad’ / ‘Masquerade’).


In July, ANTYTILA present a new massive official video.

Possibly, with a new Ukrainian record of the number of actors in shot of a music video at the same time. More than five hundred people in the images of zombies, hundreds of costumes, kilograms of makeup, and professional dancing. Starring Taras Topolia, the musicians of the ANTYTILA band, and the People’s artist of Ukraine Nazar Zadniprovskyi.

The artists share their thoughts that it took very long time to choose the track for release. After numerous discussions in the studio, chats, and on tour, the decision was made in favor of the song «Маскарад», because there’s everything in it being important to be told and sung to people exactly in that time.

The song “Маскарад” was sung live exclusively for the first time on the main stage of the Atlas Weekend Festival on July 9.

ANTYTILA celebrated summer traditionally with festivals and big open-air gigs around the whole Ukraine, among which the most important were: Atlas Weekend main stage, “Захід” (‘Zakhid’) Festival headliners, BezViz Festival in Dnipro, Atlas Weekend Bukovel.

In August, Taras Topolia sets off for Чорноморські ігри (‘Chornomorski Ihry’ / ‘Black Sea Games’) as a permanent member of the jury during all days of the children’s festival, and the other members of ANTYTILA join further as invited artists.

In August as well, ANTYTILA hold the shooting of the forthcoming powerful premiere of the video on the song “Стань” (‘And you start’).

In September, Taras Topolia was awarded with “Father of the Year” award in show business by the magazine Viva.

Lviv Edition

In September, ANTYTILA make a decision to give two special gigs in Lviv where they played ald hits, new songs, and the ones form the forthcoming album.

In October, ANTYTILA finish the gigs of the all-Ukrainian tour «Hello» and are getting ready for stadium gigs in 2022.


ANTYTILA and Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk have lived a lifetime in shot.

The song about the path of life and internal power to fulfil your dreams with a motivational name «Стань» (‘And You Start’).

The ANTYTILA band and one of the world’s strongest athletes – Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk – are in shot.

«Стань» (‘And You Start’) is the third song from the upcoming album, the premiere of which ANTYTILA had been planned for the beginning of the year 2022. After releasing the album, ANTYTILA were going to set off for stadium tour being about to present an absolutely new show and a new album. The first gig had been planned for May 2022 in Dnipro city.

Two weeks after the premiere of the Ukrainian song “Стань”, ANTYTILA release the English version of it – “And you start”, and the version of the video in English.

In November 2021, in collaboration with Lviv Handmade Chocolate ANTYTILA release a limited collection of the sweets “ANTYTILA”.


In January 2022, ANTYTILA join the forthcoming film about Andrii Kuzmenko “Я, Побєда і Берлін” and release one of the soundtracks, a new interpretation of the song “Чорнобиль Форева”.

Taras Topolia notes that was the song of his 5-6 grade at school, and that was exactly when he got to know Andrii Kuzmenko’s creative work for the first time, namely the albums “Модна країна”, “Птахи”, “Мова риб”, “Хробак”, “Стриптиз”, etc. When he was 12, he had been given his first synthesizer as a gift, and “Чорнобиль Форева” was one of the first songs having been worked out by Taras on it. Therefore, it’s symbolic that 24 years after those events ANTYTILA were offered to cover exactly this song.

On February 1, ANTYTILA hoping for the better scenario announce the new dates for their stadium tour MLNL that must have occurred in May-June 2022.

Realizing the inevitability of russia’s invasion as well as their civic duty the members of the band Dmytro Zholud, Serhii Vusyk and Taras Topolia join the Territorial Defense of Kyiv of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on February 13. A few days after, the first video from the series “Саме те ТРО” (‘That Exact Territorial Defense’) where ANTYTILA must have shown and told about the route of joining the Territorial Defense: that it was simple, and that every Ukrainian could do that. Until the beginning of full-scale invasion, ANTYTILA together with the Forces of the Territorial Defense manage to release 1 video.

ANTYTILA are getting ready for the presentation of the seventh studio album MLNL supposed to take place on February 25, but the war made its adjustments.

The War

February 24, 5 a.m., russia began a full-scale invasion on the territory of Ukraine attacking peaceful cities and shooting at Kyiv. Having sent their wives to safe places, ANTYTILA set off to recruitment office on the same day and stood up for the defense of territorial integrity of Ukrainian state.

On February 25, the album presentation took place, though in a bit other way: “Today we’ve swapped our music instruments for guns.

They’ve invaded our state.

They’ve sneakily attacked the cities all over our country.

They’ve killed thousands of our citizens and go on doing that today.

They’ve been destroying our people through centuries as well as our land, culture, and sovereignty.

Despite overestimated imperial greatness, we still show strong resistance, and we gonna ALWAYS show it.”

Feeling the inevitability of horrible events ANTYTILA were preparing the new album, which they wanted to inspire and support Ukrainian people with, and raise Ukrainian culture in the world.

Today we’ve swapped our music instruments for guns to defend Ukraine and joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

And you, our dear fans, wives waiting for their husbands, and our children, our future generation, please – LISTEN and download. Share and hold together. There are strength and victory in unity.

All the rest doesn’t matter now.”

The album is available by the link.

Since the beginning of full-scale invasion, ANTYTILA serve in the 130 Territorial Defense Battalion of Kyiv and carry out combat missions exactly in Kyiv region. Taras Topolia, Serhii Vusyk and Dmytro Zholud are at the service. The rest of the band members became volunteers and are working at provision for the military men.

Additionally, dozens of interviews are given to foreign journalists to tell and show the truth about the war in Ukraine.

Addressing Ed Sheeran

In March, ANTYTILA find out that in Birmingham, Great Britain, a charity gig in support of Ukraine is going to take place. The musicians decided to address one of the gig’s headliners Ed Sheeran and offer to realize a TV link-up. ANTYTILA claimed that they weren’t afraid to play under bombs and were ready to show the world Ukrainian capital city Kyiv not having given in to the enemy but having resisted although russia predicted it would be able to take the capital in three days.

The video had become so viral that people on all continents supported this request. After all, Ed Sheeran personally reacted to the band’s message.

Unfortunately, because of the fact that the band’s musicians carried guns, helmets and body armors, and the event was humanitarian, the organizers of the gig refused the TV link-up with ANTYTILA.

Instead, the ANTYTILA band get an enormous support from the world as well as from the world stars – Ed Sheeran, James Blunt, etc. The world media’s attention to the band grows.

In April, the ANTYTILA band take part in the new project by Oleksandr Ponomariov “Україна переможе” (‘Ukraine’s Gonna Prevail’). The song gains quite big popularity and becomes a new march for Ukrainian military men and promotes victorious mood among all Ukrainians.

Ed Sheeran ft. Antytila – 2Step

Ed Sheeran’s team addressed the ANTYTILA band with the suggestion to create a collaboration with the song 2Step creating a verse in Ukrainian.

“Ed’s team’s suggestion to record a song together is another expression of support from the people of Great Britain and an unprecedented deed, which is guaranteed to create a strong impulse.

ANTYTILA were doing their job as military men, it wasn’t easy for us to create and record Ukrainian lyrics and vocals in the studio. Moreover, the studio Bobina Records where we normally recorded our own songs was under occupation. However, thanks to Maksym Syvolap, a friend of ours, an unchangeable co-author and arranger of many songs, we’ve managed to complete our part.

In Ukrainian lyrics for Ed Sheeran’s song 2Step I decided to tell my own story of how the war had begun for my family. And it’s not only my own story, it’s a story of millions of Ukrainians whose families were kept apart horrible shelling and war, and somehow that’s forever”, Taras Topolia tells about the collaboration.

All the proceeds from the monetization of the video on YouTube as well as from royalties will be given for charity to Music Saves UA, the project of Всеукраїнська асоціація музичних подій

ANTYTILA mention that they devote this video to the honor of a Ukrainian director Dmytro Manifest whose life was cut short too early.

Dmytro Shmurak, a friend of Dmytro Manifest, became a director and producer of the video. Together with his team, he realized all the plans in incredibly short time, professionally and faultlessly understanding that the ANTYTILA band would not be able to join the shooting fully.

The song becomes the most popular and reaches the top in trends not only in Ukraine but gains momentum abroad.


Taras Topolia’s jubilee and 14th birthday of the ANTYTILA band

The ANTYTILA band traditionally has a double celebration on June 21 – the birthdays of the leader of the ANTYTILA band Taras Topolia and the band.

We’re standing for the ours! We’re doing what we’re meant to!

We’re facing plenty of challenges today more than ever.

Despite the difficulties and different life situations, we remain honest before ourselves and before our fans.

Our music is about the people and for the people, and it will always be.

We’re grateful to all our friends, colleagues, fans being by our side through years.

Further – more!

We know we will prevail! We’ll write a lot more Ukrainian songs, we’ll play a lot more beautiful gigs for Ukrainians in the whole world!

Watch how the birthday “celebration” took place in the video: