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Worldwide Premiere: Ed Sheeran and ANTYTILA Present a Song


Ed Sheeran and the ANTYTILA band present collaboration – a remake of the track 2Step from the last album of the British artist where Taras Topolia sings in Ukrainian. An official music video has been released on the band’s YouTube channel. Impressive scenes of wartime and a moving personal story of Taras Topolia – all these are embodied in the video.

«Ed’s offer to work together is the expression of that real support to Ukraine being demonstrated by the people of Great Britain during this war. Millions of people show how it is to stand for your principles, democracy and freedom for real not only with words but with exact actions and give their shoulder to those who need it for sure. It would seem a simple collaboration, but it’s so symbolically.

It appeared to be quite difficult to compose and record the Ukrainian lyrics to Ed’s song in those circumstances we experienced then. Beyond that, the Bobina Records studio where we usually recorded our own songs was under occupation of russian freaks. But thanks to Maksym Syvolap, a friend of ours and an unchangeable co-author and arranger of many songs, we coped with our part», tells Taras Topolia.


In Ukrainian lyrics of the song 2Step, Taras Topolia is telling his own story of how the war began for his family. And it’s not only his personal story, it’s a story of millions of Ukrainians whose families were broken apart by dreadful bombings and the war.

The shooting took place in Irpin, Kyiv, and Kharkiv region where the musicians of the ANTYTILA band had come as part of the battalion 130 of the Territorial Defense to strengthen the eastern grouping of land forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

What about the idea of the video, it traditionally belongs to Taras Topolia.

ANTYTILA mention that they devote this video to the memory of a Ukrainian director Dmytro Manifest whose life was cut short too early.

The video was directed and produced by a friend of Dmytro Manifest Dmytro Shmurak. Together with his team, he managed to realize everything being supposed to in the shortest possible time, professionally and faultlessly, understanding that the ANTYTILA band wouldn’t be able to join the shooting fully.

«There are people eager to follow you through hell and high water. It was exactly my friendship with Manifest having helped me understand that doing anything with half efforts is senseless. Life is very rebellious, and that’s why when ANTYTILA had asked me to support them and actually be a producer and shoot the video on my own, I agreed immediately, though I understood it was a very complicated task. Together with my team we tried to do our best so that the work would be successful. If Dima were alive, he would have definitely been together with us at the filming location. There’s the only thing I’d like to address to the guys: come back alive!» shares his thoughts Dmytro Shmurak.

All the funds received from monetization of the video on YouTube as well as royalties will be given for the charity project Music Saves UA, the project of All-Ukrainian Association of Music Events: https://musicsavesua.com/uk .

Recall that the ANTYTILA band have joined the Territorial Defense prior to the war. And since the first day of the full-scale invasion of the russian federation the members of the band have swapped their musical instruments into guns and went to defend the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine. For the moment, the musicians are located in Kharkiv region together with their battalion.

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